Bengaluru: Five Men Assault, Beat Up Delivery Driver For Allegedly Delivering Food Late
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Bengaluru: Five Men Assault, Beat Up Delivery Driver For Allegedly Delivering Food Late

Five people have been arrested by the Bengaluru police for beating up an online food delivery agent because he allegedly delivered food half an hour late on Saturday, May 4.

The incident took place in Bengaluru’s Domlur Layout. 28-year-old Tilak Kumar, who works as a food delivery driver, was found unconscious on the side of the road by a passer-by who rushed him to a hospital. Tilak has now filed a complaint at the Halasuru police station.

“We have registered a complaint against the five accused and will ensure that strict action is taken against them,” Halasuru police told The Logical Indian.

Two of the five accused have been identified as Krishna and Appu, residents of Domlur Layout. The identity of the other three is not yet known.

What had happened?

Tilak said in his complaint that the men had ordered the food around 6:45 pm. Krishna and the others started abusing him after he reached the destination a little late, and when he protested and tried to explain, they began beating him up, breaking his fingers.

The men, employees of a private firm, refused to pay for the food alleging that Tilak delivered the order late.

The Logical Indian take

A familiar sight in the cities across India, we often see a man on a scooter with a shirt, a helmet and a large backpack. Tilak is one of the lakhs of delivery boys who go around the city with cartons of coffee and tea, boxes of Chinese delicacies and an array of other food items to homes and offices, throughout his day, beating the heat and braving the rain.

While all we do is receive the food, often rebuking and seldom praising them, we know very little about the lives of these men. To support their livelihood, many of them work gruelling hours.

The men who assaulted Tilak are among scores of people who look down upon delivery boys/drivers and do not think twice before insulting them, reports of which we often read.

If the delay was an issue, the men who assaulted Tilak had the option of complaining to his employers. There are better ways of dealing with situations such as mentioned above.

Nothing gives anyone the right to abuse, assault and beat up another man, no matter what the situation.

The Logical Indian urges authorities to take strict action against the accused men.

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