52 Kg Of Plastic Removed From Cow's Stomach After 5 Hours Long Operation

Published : 22 Oct 2019 12:21 PM GMT
52 Kg Of Plastic Removed From Cow

After conducting a five hours long surgery on a cow, surgeons from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University fished out 52 kg of non-biodegradable substance from its stomach. The waste in the cow’s stomach also included needles, coin, a screw and pins.

According to media reports, the cow was brought to Vepery for treatment after people noticed that it was kicking itself in its own stomach, possibly because of pain.

The owner also noted that the cow’s capacity to yield milk dropped drastically and faced problem while urinating and defecating. Balasubramanian, Directorate of Clinics,
Madras Veterinary College, Chennai said that it was a clear indication of the harmful impact of indiscriminate littering of plastic.

An X-Ray and Ultrasound scan revealed that the cow’s stomach had plastic which had occupied 75 per cent of the rumen (one of the four chambers of the cow’s stomach). The doctor said that it took around two years to for all that plastic to accumulate.

The doctors claimed that the cow will continue to receive treatment in Vepery and will recover soon.

While the countries have come together and waged a war against this substance, a proper solution is yet to be hatched.

Finding plastics in an animal’s stomach has become a common occurrence these days. Last year, several white sperm whales were found dead on the shores of various beaches with their bodies filled with plastic. Apart from them, images of injured turtles and birds also surfaced on social media, triggering the debate on plastic menace.

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