Will Popularise Cow Urine After I Win The Elections, Says Sadhvi Pragya
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"Will Popularise Cow Urine After I Win The Elections," Says Sadhvi Pragya

If you are living in India, you will probably get a taste of various types of myths and taboos. For instance, avoiding the route if a black cat crosses first, or about cutting nails at night, or girls stepping out with their hair open in the afternoon. Surprisingly we all know someone or the other who follows these sincerely. The damage that these myths might cause if propagated in the name of garnering votes or misleading a judiciary body, it is a sheer abomination.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, who just got a BJP ticket to contest from Bhopal has been making headlines after her ‘cursing’ IPS officer Hemant Karkare and demolished Babri Masjid comments. She is known for promoting ‘Gau mutra’ (Cow urine) for curing various diseases.

The prime accused, Sadhvi Pragya in the Malegaon blast case which claimed the lives of six people and left more than 100 injured sought bail from Bombay High court by citing her breast cancer. However, the Division Bench of Justices P.V. Hardas and A. S. Gadkari refuted her plea based on the medical report which showed that she had a tumour and not cancer.

Recently in an interview Rahul Kanwal she stressed upon the condition of cows in the country. Supporting her claims firmly she reiterated the fact that panchagavya (a mixture of cow urine, dung, milk, yoghurt, and clarified butter or ghee) has helped her to treat her cancer.

She further mentioned that this treatment is a scientific one as she is a living example of it. She further claimed that rubbing a cow from back to the neck will help to maintain blood pressure of the person. She said the cow will be “pleased” and it will cure one’s blood pressure. She also mentioned that she would popularise cow urine after defeating Congress leader Digvijay Singh.

After her interview was aired on the channel, several netizens could not help but mock her on her claims.

Several researches on the efficiency of cow urine in treating cancer have failed. However, The Quint in its latest report cited a University study which says that cow urine kills cancer cell and prevent them from multiplying. The research was done at Junagadh Agriculture University where it claimed that Gir cow (desi cow) urine helped to eradicate cancer cells of four type (breast cancer was not included). It claimed that the cancer cells killing properties were not found in the urine of Jafrabadi Buffalo, Jersey Cow and Holstein Friesian. The university had previously announced to have found gold Gir cow’s urine. But the scientists and oncologists defer from accepting these and question about the methodology used in the study.

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