Couple Gets Married In Jeans And T-Shirt To Show Weddings Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Published : 24 Sep 2019 6:43 AM GMT
Couple Gets Married In Jeans And T-Shirt To Show Weddings Don’t Have To Be Expensive

At a time when many couples adore the big fat Royal weddings and often spend hefty amounts on the extravaganza, a couple in the United Kingdom decided to wear T-shirts and jeans for their marriage.

Rebecca Maxwell, 26 and Glen Maxwell, 30, wore jeans, personalised T-shirts emblazoned with ‘bride’ and ‘groom’, and trainers for the ceremony and reception. The newlyweds bought similar personalised tops for the bridal party, best man and mother and father of the bride and asked their 40 guests to wear jeans and t-shirts too.

Rebecca and Glen got engaged in August 2016 and began planning a massive wedding ceremony. But as planning went ahead, they realised a posh wedding just wasn’t right for them.

One evening Glen told Rebecca, “We could get married in jeans and T-shirts and I’d still love you.” They chose to have a wedding that was all about their relationship and not spending money. They’re sharing their story to encourage other people to ditch the hefty expenses of a big wedding and focus on having a day that’s special to them.

“When we were planning our wedding, we started doing everything to please other people. Our guest list was getting out of hand. We had spent hours looking through Pinterest at all the dresses, cakes and decorations and you do get sucked in,” The Daily Mail quoted Rebecca as saying.

“But at the end of the day, I and Glen just weren’t bothered about all of that. I had even bought a wedding dress but after having my daughter, Eleanor I went to try it on again and I ended up crying. It just was not what I wanted at all,” Rebecca said.

The couple’s original wedding was planned to take place at a farm at Christmas time, which was expected to cost them £14,000. Instead, they said their vows at the town hall in Darlington on 26 April with 40 of their closest friends and family. The ceremony that cost just £250.

After doing the official wedding bit, Rebecca and Glen took their guests to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest in the Lake District for dinner costing £400.

Instead of a pricey wedding cake, they spent £35 on a selection of Morrison’s cupcakes and a sheet cake with a photo of the couple printed on top. With T-shirts and jeans for the wedding party coming in at £150, £200 spent on flowers and £70 for Rebecca’s hair and makeup, the couple’s big day cost just £1,105 in total.

Saving so much on their wedding left Rebecca and Glen with £6,000 savings. Rebecca and Glen say the lowkey day was perfect for them, as they ‘just like simple things’, preferring a night into a posh holiday away.

“We just love each other’s company,” said Rebecca. “What was special was that we were going to join together and I was going to have the same surname as my little girl. A big dress or fancy day, that all paled into insignificance,” she added.

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