Patients From Bihar Come On Rs 500 Ticket To Avail Free Treatment In Delhi: CM Arvind Kejriwal
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Patients From Bihar Come On Rs 500 Ticket To Avail Free Treatment In Delhi: CM Arvind Kejriwal

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stirred a controversy when he said that people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh come to Delhi for free medical treatment.

Speaking about the improved healthcare facilities in the national capital, the CM took a jibe at Puvanchalis – people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, availing medical facilities in Delhi hospitals free of cost.

Following his comment, a complaint was filed in Bihar court against him.

At the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Mangolpuri area, the CM blamed the ‘outsiders’ for the delated treatment of Delhite at the city’s hospitals.

“One person from Bihar buys a ticket to Delhi for Rs 500, returns after availing treatment worth Rs 5 lakh. While this makes us happy that these are the people of our country, Delhi has its own capacity. How can Delhi serve the people of the entire country, so there is a need for improving the healthcare facilities across the nation,” the Chief Minister said.

Soon after Kejriwal’s comment, netizens on Twitter slammed him. BJP’s Delhi President – Manoj Tiwari, reacting to the comment, said that the CM’s statement reveals his dislike for the people who have entered and settled in the national capital.

Tiwari said the Delhi government is complaining about the healthcare sector but does not allow the Modi government’s scheme which provides up to Rs 5 lakh medical insurance for patients.

“You know that your ground is gone and as for your hate for Purvanchalis, that has come to the fore and very soon people of Delhi will give their answer to you,” added Tiwari.

Tiwari concluded by saying that Purvanchalis will only teach CM Kejriwal a lesson.

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