IAFs Strength Increases After Induction Of Four Multi-Role Chinook Helicopters
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IAF's Strength Increases After Induction Of Four "Multi-Role" Chinook Helicopters

The Indian Air Force (IAF) inducted first four of its 15 Chinook heavy-lift helicopters on March 25 in Chandigarh. These multi-role helicopters are designed to transport heavy artilleries – howitzers and troops to high altitude areas reported Times Now. Addition to these helicopters will significantly strengthen airlifting capabilities of IAF thus providing an extra edge against the countries with which the country share an international border – China and Pakistan. These modern heavy-lift choppers became part of the 126 Helicopter Flight squadron at an official ceremony in Chandigarh. They are to be deployed at Air Force Station 12 Wing. BS Dhanoa, Air Chief Marshal did the induction.

Induction of Multi-Role Chinook

The induction comes a day after these four helicopters which can carry a cargo of up to 9.6 tonnes were delivered from Boeing.

Dhanoa asserting the need for vertical lift capabilities in IAF said that the country faces multiple security challenges and that Chinook has been obtained with India specific enhancements. Praising the choppers, he further said it is a “national asset.”

He further compared the inclusion of Chinook with that of Rafale fighter jets. He said both the Rafale jets and Chinook choppers would be a game changer for the Indian Air Force. The IAF in a statement on Twitter said that Chinook has the ability to carry heavy payloads and deliver it to high altitudes such as the high Himalayas. It further noted that these choppers would further enhance the IAF’s role in Human Assistance and Disaster Relief missions.

According to Boeing, Chinook (CH-47) is an advanced multi-mission helicopter which is used by the US Army and international defence forces. Choppers are equipped with digital cockpit management systems, Common Aviation Architecture Cockpit and advanced cargo-handling capabilities. India on July 14 signed a deal of whopping US$ 3 billion with the US government and Boeing for 22 Apache (AH-64E) and 15 Chinook helicopters. The delivery of Apaches which are multi-role combat helicopters will begin by July.

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