Chinki : A Word, If Used May Land You In Jail

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January 5th, 2015 / 2:54 PM

If you are a racist, and feel proud in using the disrespectful slur like “Chinki” to address the people of North eastern states, than this news is for you. The increase in crime against the north eastern people has finally resulted in a sequence of serious actions planned to be taken up by the government. The efforts are on the cards to ensure safe and secure life to northeastern people who are residing all over India.

In a recent development, using words such as Chinki, may land you in jail for up to five years, besides being non-bailable, if the union home ministry accepts a recommendation made by a Bezbaruah panel to amend the Indian Penal code for strengthening the legal framework
against racial discrimination.

As told to media by the union home minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh, the government is considering the introduction of two new section in IPC, which are related to imputations and assertions prejudicial to human dignity and makes words, both spoken and written or signs towards any individual attempting racial discrimination, a non-bailable offense punishable with imprisonment up to five years with fine. Indulgence in any activity that involves violence or criminal force against a particular race will also be considered in the same bucket. The north-eastern people residing in several parts of the country often undergo mental harassment when they are addressed by several offensive names, such as ‘chinki’, ‘chinese’, ‘chi chi chu chu’ or ‘momos’. The action being taken up by the government is demanded for a long time now and is a part of basic human rights.

Meanwhile, the government is working on creating a northeast special unit which will consist of 10 male and 10 female who will be recruited in Delhi Police and will be hired from each of north eastern states. The initiatives after being implemented in Delhi will be deployed in other states too. Posting of north eastern personnel at visible positions in areas prone to crime against north eastern people and fast tracking of cases relating to crimes against them is also in the pipe line.

The home minister also informed the media about several other steps that are planned to be taken in order to strengthen the culture and heritage of northeastern states. Incorporating north-eastern history and contribution of people from the region to India’s freedom struggle in the school curriculum, scholarship schemes for northeastern students, promoting cultural heritage of the north-east through mass media and giving impetus to sports in the north-eastern states are few of them.

As they say, better late then never. This is one of the most required step to uplift the northeastern states and extend a support to its people in living a peaceful life any where in the country. The Logical Indian community admires the panel recommendations and hope for a faster implementation.

-Neha Rathi
Columnist, The Logical Indian


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