Chennai Water Crisis: "Get A Bucket Of Water, For Every Kilo Of Idli-Dosa Batter"

Published : 3 July 2019 7:58 AM GMT
Chennai Water Crisis: "Get A Bucket Of Water, For Every Kilo Of Idli-Dosa Batter"Image Credit: The Times Of india,�Wikimedia

Chennai is facing acute water shortage, and to help the people facing water crisis, a Triplicane businessman has started an offer of giving a free bucket of water to customers, for every kilogram of idli-dosa batter they buy from his shop, reported The Times Of India.

C N Parthasarathy, the owner of the batter shop said that he doesn’t have any business motive and he would be spending his profits, to get water from private tankers.

“We have been living here for 41 years, and never faced this scarcity of water, it was my father’s suggestion that we do something as we have been running a business here for over two decades now. We will only have to forego a little from our profit and that too only until the scarcity ends,” said Parthasarathy.

Initially, Parthasarathy thought of hiring a private tanker to help his neighbourhood but customers suggested that it will lead to chaos, so he came up with this plan.

On a usual day more than 100 customers visit his shop to buy batter, “Of them, only 10-15 customers avail free water bucket but for this, a customer has to bring their own buckets, and before consuming it, a customer is required to boil it.

Generally, a customer comes unprepared but after seeing the board, he/she inquires about it. Today a customer, who came to buy batter, after seeing the board, informed her wife about it and came back later with a bucket.

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