Chennai Floods – India’s Paris, Loss Of Lives, Toll Booth, Sewer’s & Snakes

Al Arafat Sherfuddeen

November 16th, 2015

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The shock of Paris shootout has barely abated, yet Chennai is facing its own onslaught, from nature, an ill planned government and a woeful Urban Infrastructure. North East Monsoon showers so far has cost 60 plus lives in Chennai, strangulated the transport system and food supplies besides normal life has been thrown out of gear. The devastation caused by more than expected showers has been catastrophic to say the least. The showers has been more than expected, the relief measures has been less than expected all exposing a utter lack of planning.

Lives at risk – Sewer’s and Snakes

There has been reports of lakes having busted and Snakes from the lakes reaching the homes through the over flowing waters. The water logging has already made the entire city’s population vulnerable to communicable diseases among many other potentially fatal diseases like dengue.

Sewer water has reported to have been leaking/broken or dumped into the waterlogged areas. When Chennaites felt things could not get worse, it gets worse with more heavy rains being predicted for one more week. With many lakes in the brim and a government caught unaware, many areas in Chennai is expected to become Islands.



Toll rates along the IT corridor is one of the highest in India however these roads are some of the most waterlogged in the City resulting in an unprecedented measure taken by IT companies declaring holidays . Chennaites are furious, questioning the purpose of such high toll rates for such poorly maintained roads.

The scenes witnessed in one of India’s biggest metros with a crippled transport system, poor disaster management, food supplies running short and diseases looming large is in stark contrast to the pitch we have made to foreign countries for the purpose of investment. It is high time we build ourselves, invest in infra and plan for future.

The Logical Indian is appalled by the utter lack of planning and the manner in which one of India’s most important cities is thrown out of gear. The Logical Indian hopes valuable lessons are learnt from Chennai Floods and will be implemented in tackling similar calamities across India. Our sincere condolences goes to the lives lost and we request the government to compensate them adequately besides establishing futuristic Urban planning and disaster management measures to avoid repetition of such tragedies.

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