Bihar: Students Of Govt School Allegedly Made To Sit In Different Classes Based On Religion & Caste

Published : 21 Dec 2018 10:56 AM GMT
Bihar: Students Of Govt School Allegedly Made To Sit In Different Classes Based On Religion & Caste

An inquiry has been launched by the government after a state-run school in Bihar’s Vaishali district allegedly segregated students based on their caste and religion.

Bihar Education Minister Krishnandan Prasad Verma claimed that students have been divided into different rooms and sections based on their caste and religion by the government-run school in Lalganj, reported NDTV.

Attendance registers serve as evidence

Lalganj Block Education officer Arvind Kumar Tiwari, who visited the school, said that Hindu and Muslim students were made to sit in different sections and rooms. Dalits, OBCs and upper caste students were also made to sit in different rooms.

School attendance registers allegedly prove that the allegations are true. These registers, which are separate on the basis of castes and religions, are arranged in a way that gives Dalit and Muslim students hardly any chance to visit other classrooms.

What Education Minister and School Principal said

“It is unfortunate and wrong if such a situation exists in any school. It is against the law to divide students on the basis of their religion and caste in any school,” Mr Verma said. He further said the guilty would surely be punished.

Arvind Kumar Tiwari, after visiting the school following the complaints, said that the allegations seemed true prima facie. A report is being sent to the District Education Manager and action will accordingly be taken.

However, according to the Principal of the school, Meena Kumari, different schemes’ smooth implementation was being ensured through the process.

“There was no protest against it by parents and students. Till date no discrimination has been made in the school on the basis of caste or religious identity,” she said.

How wrong this practice is, and how baseless it is for the students, can be understood as all students outside school play together, come to school together and go home together. In a rapidly changing world, this kind of practice, that too in an educational institution is shameful. While students should be taught to treat everyone equally, they are being made part of an extremely wrong act. The Logical Indian urges authorities to take strict action against the guilty.

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