Millionaire Mumbai Beggar Dies With Rs 1.5 Lakh In Coins, Assets Worth Rs 11.5 Lakh

A local train beggar who died on Friday while crossing the railway tracks near Govandi station in Mumbai had coins worth Rs 1.5 lakhs and several other assets and properties.

The Vashi Railway Police after an investigation found that the beggar named Birju Chandra Azad had investments documents and fixed deposit amounting to 8.7 lakhs as well as a gunny bag full of coins. In all, he left behind nearly Rs 11.5 lakh in assets as per the police officials.

Hailing from Rajasthan, his family is now entitled to money found with him. The 82-year-old beggar lived alone in the house at a slum in southeast Mumbai’s Govandi. People living in the vicinity identified him as he made regular trips on Harbour line suburban trains begging. He left behind a voter identity card, PAN card and Aadhaar card, the police said. The room was littered with old newspapers and polythene bags.

A police official told the Live Mint, “He had kept coins in plastic bags and hidden it inside four containers kept in a barrel. The coins totalled ₹1.75 lakh. He had FDs worth ₹8.77 lakh in two banks apart from ₹96,000 in savings accounts. The FDs’ nominee is Azad’s son Sukhdev, a resident of Ramgarh in Rajasthan.” The police will now contact the banks to keep the fixed deposits safe till they find his relatives who can stake claim to his wealth.

Stories like these are not the first one, and there have been reports in 2015 relating to two beggars Bharat Jain and Krishna Kumar Gite with monthly incomes of Rs 70,000-80,000 and Rs 40,000-50,000 respectively. Jain had bought a flat worth Rs 80 lakh, while Gite to had a property in Nala Sopara.

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