Bengaluru Traffic Police Collects A Whopping Rs 98.27 Lakh In Two Weeks After Traffic Fines Revision
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Bengaluru Traffic Police Collects A Whopping Rs 98.27 Lakh In Two Weeks After Traffic Fines Revision

The Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) has collected a whopping Rs 98.27 lakh rupees in the first two weeks since the revision of the traffic rules and guidelines as per the new motor vehicle act.

Between July 24 to August 7, 5797 motorists were penalised for using mobile phones while driving and 1938 violations were recorded for over-speeding, according to BTP. Majority of the fine was collected from Overloaded goods vehicles with penalties amounting to Rs 25.13 lakh. A total of 2,513 violations were recorded for the same.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) BR Ravikanthe Gowda, 13,890 cases were registered by the BTP after the revision of traffic fines.

Parking at no parking zones will also attract hefty penalties for Bengaluru residents as per the revised guidelines. While a total of 1,433 were observed, BTP officials collected Rs 14.33 lakh for parking in no-parking zones.

While Rs 6.46 lakh was collected for driving vehicles without insurance, a total of Rs 15.63 lakh was charged as fine for reckless driving during the first fortnight since the fines were implemented in the city.

However, no cases of drunken driving cases were recorded in the city, by the traffic police during the last two weeks.

DCP Traffic (North) Sara Fathima had tweeted, “In Drunk Driving cases, the fine amount needs to be paid to the Honourable court and not the cops. Pay the fine amount by card and collect the fine receipt amount collected either by card or cash goes to the government,” in response to a query on such cases.

With the focus on offence and not the vehicle category, revised traffic fines were implemented on June 25.

  • Violation – Revised fine – Before
  • Exceeding speed limit – Rs 1,000 – Rs 300
  • Using a mobile phone while driving – Rs 1,000 – Rs 100
  • Driving vehicles without insurance – Rs 1,000 – Rs 500
  • Parking at ‘no parking’ spots – Rs 1,000 + Towing charges – Rs 100
  • Driving without fitness certificate – Rs 2,000 – Left to court
  • Driving non-registered motor vehicle – Rs 5,000 – Left to court

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