After Onion, Now Amul, Mother Dairy Hike Milk Prices Up To ₹3 Per Litre
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After Onion, Now Amul, Mother Dairy Hike Milk Prices Up To ₹3 Per Litre

India’s leading milk supplier, Amul, on December 14, raised milk prices by ₹2 per litre in Gujarat, Delhi-NCR, West Bengal, and Maharashtra.

“Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which markets dairy products under Amul brand, has decided to revise the milk prices by Rs 2 per litre being sold in Ahmedabad and Saurashtra markets of Gujarat, Delhi NCR, West Bengal, Mumbai and Maharashtra from December 15, 2019,” the cooperative said in a statement.

Amul Gold will now be sold at ₹28 per 500 ml, while Amul Tazza will be sold for ₹22 per 500 ml. However, the price of Amul Shakti will remain unchanged.

The company said in the past three years, it has only revised the price for pouch milk twice. The company said that the price of cattle feed has increased by more than 35 per cent. As a result, the union have increased milk procurement price in the range of ₹100 to ₹110 per Kg fat which is more than 15 per cent increase than the last year for the 36 lakh milk producers of Gujarat

The company said that the rise in price will help to provide remunerative price to the milk producers and spur them for higher milk production.

Another major milk supplier – Mother Dairy also hiked milk prices by ₹3 per litre in Delhi-NCR region due to lower price and rise in procurement price. The new rates will be effective from December 15.

Prices of both token and poly pack milk have been increased in a range of ₹2-3 per litre. The price of bulk vended milk (token milk) has been hiked by ₹2.
Full cream milk rate has been raised to ₹55 per litre. Price of half-litre full cream milk has been raised to Rs 28. Toned milk price has been hiked by ₹3 per litre and double-toned milk will be now available at Rs 39 per litre.

Price of cow milk has been raised by ₹3 per litre to ₹47 per litre. In a statement released, the company said that the milk availability across various states is under stress. Adverse climatic conditions, including extended monsoon and delay at the start of the flush season, attributed to the rise in the price of fodder prices.

The prices paid to milk producers have increased by about ₹6 per litre in the last few months, up by almost 20 per cent compared to the corresponding period last year. Mother Dairy supplies more than 30 lakh litres of milk per day in the Delhi-NCR market through retail outlets.

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