Amit Shah Sets 2024 As Deadline For Nationwide NRC, Says Infiltrators Will Be Expelled Before Next LS Polls

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah on December 2 set the deadline for the implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) all over the country.

In a public rally in Jharkhand ahead of the Assembly elections, Shah said that the central government will implement NRC nationwide to repatriate the infiltrators. He said the NRC will be implemented nationwide before 2024.

Earlier while addressing the Rajya Sabha, Amit Shah said that the process would be carried out across the country soon.

He has said that irrespective of religion, infiltrators will be excluded from the NRC list and assured that NRC is different from the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Shah, addressing a rally at Chakradharpur and Baharagora, launched a scathing attack on the former Congress President – Rahul Gandhi, who was also present in the state to campaign for his party. Shah questioned why Rahul Gandhi was persistent on saving all the immigrants. Shah hit out at Rahul asking whether the infiltrators his cousins.

“Rahul baba says don’t expel them. Where will they go, what will they eat,” I want to ask him, are these immigrants his cousins?” Shah added.

Shah also said that the BJP will implement NRC before they come to seek votes for the next Lok Sabha Polls (2024).

He said that issues like uprooting terrorism, Maoism and construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya were as crucial as matters like development in Jharkhand.

Shah praised his government’s work and said that after building AIIMS in Deoghar, the state government-backed by centre government will now construct an airport in Deoghar and also in Bokaro, Dumka and Jamshedpur. He also highlighted that around 20 lakh farmers were benefitted from the crop insurance scheme.

Shah applauded CM Raghubar Das for providing a “zero corruption” government. Raghubar Das will be the first CM of the state to complete the full term in office.

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