All You Need To Know About The Kairana Controversy And The Exodus Of Hindus

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June 14th, 2016

Source: Times of India | Image: indianexpressswatantraawaz

The Social media went abuzz recently, owing to the controversy regarding the exodus of people from Kairana in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh. Politicians cited religious persecution as the reason for the exodus of people from the village despite the fact that exodus includes many of the Muslim families also. Ä BJP MP had blamed Muslims for the reason of the exodus, however, investigation and the turn of events have led him ruling out the communal aspect of the issue. The BJP MP later said, “calling it Hindu exodus a mistake by my team”.

Let us take a look at the timeline of the event:

Allegations made by Hukum Singh a week ago
BJP MP Hukum Singh alleged last week that a large no. of Hindus are moving out of Kairana, as Muslims gangs are posing threats to Hindu families with support from the Samajwadi Party.

With his statement, the BJP MP also released a list of 346 people who have been forced to migrate from Kairana.

Hukum Singh alleged that a gang leader called Mukhim Kala was extorting the Hindus, which made them to migrate.

However, after Kala was arrested in October last year, it was found that he had 14 murder charges against him — three Hindus and 11 Muslims.

The statement resulted into the rise of political temperature in the Shamli district in western UP which heads for an assembly election next year.  The BJP president Amit Shah also brought up the Kairana issue at a public rally in Allahabad on Monday.

Owing to such controversial statements, the UP administration has conducted door-to-door survey in the last few days, in which after looking for 119 people on the list, they found four were dead, 68 people left Kairana a decade ago and 35 of them left the place five years ago in search of better livelihood.

The BJP list did not mention that 115 Muslim families also migrated from the town.

Shamli district magistrate Sujeet Kumar reported that most of the people have migrated in search of jobs as the area lacks any industrial progress.

Some of the Hindu families in the area met Times of India reporters and said that the list made by Hukum Singh was “off the mark and had exaggerated facts”. Many of the families have claimed that their names have been wrongly placed on the list. They clarified that the families that have migrated from Kairana went looking for better opportunities, not for communal violence.

Taking a dig at the BJP, the Samajwadi party chief minister of UP, Akhilesh Yadav said that BJP leaders are “dishonest”and are “lying”. He told reporters, “The BJP is alleging that the Samajwadi Party Government forced the people flee from Kairana… BJP can be dishonest to this extent.”

The Logical Opinion
Kairana has always remained in a peaceful state, even when riots broke out in Muzaffarnagar two years ago. We appeal the politicians to refrain from communalizing the atmosphere for political gains. We are sure the good will of the communities will continue and they will peacefully co-exist in Kairana and in rest of India.


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