AAP Suspends Councillor Tahir Hussain, Suspect In IB Staffer Ankit Sharmas Murder

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AAP Suspends Councillor Tahir Hussain, Suspect In IB Staffer Ankit Sharma's Murder

Tahir Hussain has released a video claiming that he is innocent and is being framed in Ankit Sharma's death.

Aam Aadmi Party suspended councillor Tahir Hussain from the party after being named as an accused in the murder of Intelligence Bureau (IB) staffer Ankit Sharma whose body was recovered on February 26 from riot-affected Delhi's Chand Bagh area.

The AAP from its official twitter handle tweeted that Hussain will remain suspended until the charges against him are investigated and he is cleared.

According to the police, he was stabbed to death when he had gone to appraise the situation. According to his autopsy report, Sharma was stabbed multiple times. The late IB staffer's family has alleged that the killers were supporters of Tahir Hussain.

"Ankit went to the site (Chand Bagh) where stone-pelting was taking place. Around 15-20 people came from Tahir's building and dragged 5-6 people inside the building. They also fired at other people who tried to save those taken inside the building," Ankit's father Ravinder Kumar told ANI.

As proof of these allegations, videos were shared with NDTV. In the videos a man believed to be Hussain could be seen on the roof of the building armed with sticks along with others who seem to be pelting stones.

India TV reported that stones and petrol bombs have been found at AAP councillor's terrace. Packets filled with chemical, believed to be acid, were also found.

In his defence, the councillor released a video where he pleaded that he is innocent and has nothing to do with Ankit Sharma's death. He also blamed Kapil Mishra's hate speech for inciting violence.

"The news about me is false. Since Kapil Mishra's hate speech, the situation in Delhi has deteriorated, with stone-throwing and violence taking place. The same happened here (at his residence) the day before yesterday," Hussain says in a Twitter video.

Hussain also claimed that he "repeatedly called for the police" when a mob broke into his house and climbed the roof, but police arrived only "some hours later".

When the protesters left his home, he asked the police to guard his home. The police asked him to leave his house, which he did. In the video released by Hussain, he is seen wearing the same clothes as that of the man who is seen on the roof of his house - a red sleeveless sweater over a white shirt.

"I don't know why the police later moved its force away and then once again the mob returned to launch attacks from there. I am very distressed by what has happened and want you to know that I am a peaceful Indian Muslim and will always work for the country and Hindu Muslim relations. Please believe me," Hussain says.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that anyone guilty of inciting violence must face stringent punishment, and the punishment would be double if they belong to the AAP.

"Be it people from AAP, BJP or Congress, those who fanned the communal fire, those who orchestrated riots, should all be punished even if it is someone from my cabinet," Kejriwal said while talking about Hussain's alleged involvement in the violence.

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