A 13 Year Old Girl Asks Her Mother: Why Should I Become Mother At This Age

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October 17th, 2015 / 4:45 PM

Source: Dainik Bhaskar | Author: Upmita Vajpai Mishra

A 13-year-old girl is quarantined in the Queens Marry Medical College Lucknow since Sept 10. The reason is she is a rape victim and pregnant with the child of her rapist. And next a month or two she will have to be there, without any visitors.

She cannot talk to anyone there, not even her father, nether is she allowed to go out. Nobody knows her name there and she has got a new identity ‘Raped Girl’.

The reporter  wrote, “I had to brake-in to the hospital on the pretext of meeting someone else. The ICU was on the first floor with 6-7 beds with women. I had to talk to everyone to know where she was. If I asked nurse or doctors there they would have thrown me out of the hospital.

I saw a separate cabin there where the young girl was on a bed and her mother was lying down on the floor on a polyethylene sheet. They were shocked and afraid to see me there. I told them that I had met the father of the girl and knew their story and understand the pain to calm them down and console.”

Before she could say anything more the mother started talking with wet eyes, “It was the night of February 17th. We were in the Bhagvat (religious congregation of storytelling of Lord Rama), as it finished around 10:30 pm my daughter went behind the stage for toilet. A boy who also is a minor caught her and gagged her. He raped her and threatened her if she told anybody he would kill her parents. He is from one of the richest families in the village.

This little child got scared and did not tell anybody. On the July 8th, when she fell sick and started vomiting we got to know about it. We took her to Barabanki got her tested and the doctors confirmed she was pregnant. We were shocked, scared and we went to the police. On August 13th, her father went to Barabanki Magistrate court to get the permission for an abortion. But they referred us to District Hospital. On August 18th, we met with CMO but he asked us to go to high court. We went to Allahabad high court but again the court asked us to get the medical checkup done on Sept 7th. Running from pillars to post we got that done but doctors denied it saying it is too late as the pregnancy is of seven and half moths.”

The conversation was still on, suddenly they heard a loud cry. On asking the mother said “When she gets unwell and upset she cries shouting loud and says she will kill the man behind all her pain if she ever sees him. She sobs and often says, “Why should I become a mother, I wish nothing had ever happened to me, wish I had told my parents that day itself without fearing!” “

It raised many questions to the society and to the Laws.

And above all;
why should she become a mother at 13?
Why she should suffer now and the rest of her life?


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