23-Yr-Old Stabbed To Death For Having Relationship With A Girl Of Different Religion, 3 Arrested

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February 3rd, 2018

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times , Zee News

Ankit Saxena, a 23-year-old man, was murdered on Thursday evening in west Delhi’s Raghuveer Nagar. He was attacked outside his house by the kins of the girl he had a relationship with. As per NDTV reports, the police arrested the mother and uncle of Ankit’s girlfriend and detained her 14-year-old brother. Her father and younger brother were taken into custody by the police later.

Ankit was publicly beaten and later stabbed in the neck. When Ankit’s mother heard of her son being attacked, she immediately ran out of the house. She kept calling out to people for help, but the bystanders did not do anything, and he kept bleeding for 20 minutes. She said,” There were dozens of people watching my son get beaten up, but none of them dared to save him. My son was a bodybuilder himself, but he was helpless when the killers caught and killed him. The sight of the woman’s father wielding a big kukri knife must have scared others”, Hindustan Times reported.

Not only this, but the people did not even call for an ambulance or a vehicle to get him to the hospital. “My husband and I kept begging people to arrange a vehicle to rush my son to a hospital, but no one helped. E-rickshaw and auto drivers would stop, take a look and leave”, she explained. Finally, when an e-rickshaw agreed to help, they carried him on it to the hospital. Before they could reach Guru Gobind Singh hospital, Ankit died. Kamlesh said,” Blood was spilling out of my son’s neck and mouth, and I tried to stop it with my hands. He died in my lap.”

According to Vijay Kumar, DCP (West), the Police did not have any idea about the murder until Ankit was brought to the hospital.

What Happened

There was an argument between Ankit’s girlfriend, Shehzadi (20) and her parents, the night before. The investigator said, “She had angrily walked out of her home after telling her parents that she would marry Saxena. Her parents feared she would elope with Ankit and were looking out for him. When they finally found him outside his home on Thursday evening, they beat him up before finally killing him.”

Ankit girlfriend accepted that they were in a relationship for the past three years and about to get married. She also said she feared her family. Ankit and her family were neighbours, and their affair started at that time, later girl’s family moved away, but the relationship continued. Police also said that Ankit was killed because he was Hindu.

Though Kamlesh, Ankit’s mother, refused to believe that the fact they belonged to different communities was the reason, she said that Shehzadi’s family always looked at the youths in the neighbourhood with suspicion, and they had done something like this in the past with another boy named Azhar, who they thought was eying their daughter.

Shehzadi lives with her family in a rented home in Raghubir Nagar’s B block. Her mother owns a parlour and father is a driver. In the same building lived Ankit’s friend who said, “ Ankit was my friend, and he would visit my home at times. However, until he was killed, I did not know he was in love with Shehzadi.”

The Logical Indian believes:

Ankit’s killing again highlights the deep-rooted patriarchy and how the girl’s parents were not able to accept a woman’s decision to marry someone without their consent. Even in the 21st century, you can be killed if you are in love with a person of different religion.

This incident should anger us and also should force us to think where are we heading? The girl’s family who killed Ankit must be given stringent punishment, But it must not end with that.  We hope Ankit doesn’t just add to the list of victims of honour killing but must shake us to change.


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