Delayed Justice: 11 Muslim Men Acquitted In TADA Case After 25 Yrs

Published : 1 March 2019 3:34 PM GMT
Delayed Justice: 11 Muslim Men Acquitted In TADA Case After 25 Yrs

On February 27, 11 Muslim men were acquitted in a Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) case. It was booked against them in the year 1994 by the special TADA court in Nashik. They were arrested for allegedly conspiring to avenge the Babri Masjid demolition and obtaining terror training.

Acquittal after 25 yrs

The said men were first chargesheeted in 1994. However, they were acquitted after 25 long years citing lack of evidence and the violation of TADA guidelines, as reported by The Wire. Their acquittal was awarded by Nashik’s special TADA Court’s Justice SC Khati. The 11 men are: Jameel Ahmed, Abdullah Khan, Mohammed Yunus, Mohammed Ishaq, Farooque Nazir Khan, Yusuf Gulab Khan, Ayyub Ismail Khan, Waseemuddin Shamsuddin, Shaikha Shafi Shaikh Azeez, Ashfaq Syed Murtuza Meer, Mumtaz Syed Murtuza Meer, Haroon Mohammed Bafati and Moulana Abdul Qader Habibi. These men were provided legal assistance by a socio-religious NGO named Jamiat Ulema.

As per Sabrang India, the said men were highly educated youth, even including a doctor and an electronics engineer. The said men were charged under Section 153 and 120 (B) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 4(1)(4) of the TADA act. They were accused of conspiring for revenge after the Babri Masjid demolition in December 1992 and also for receiving terror training. They were also accused of trying to recruit youngsters from Nashik and Bhusawal for their purported terror group Bhusawal-Al-Jihad.

Reportedly, the accused obtained bail months after being charged however, they were embroiled in the case over ambiguity over the applicability of the TADA case. Gulzar Azmi led the team of advocates which included Advocate Sharif Shaikh, Mateen Shaikh, Ansar Tanboli, Raziq Shaikh, Shahid Nadeem, Mohammed Arshad among others. After the acquittal, advocate Azmi said that although justice was delayed for about 25 years, the tag of terrorists was erased, as reported by The Siasat Daily.

The Logical Indian Take

As Advocate Azmi said, justice was delayed. And delayed for 25 long years. The said men, who were reportedly well-educated lost their entire youth in the bid to erase the atrocious tag of terrorists from their heads. The Logical Indian hopes that these men are able to begin their lives afresh. We also hope that no other person is unjustly accused of such a heinous crime.

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