My Story: The Day I Saw 2 Women Constables Rescuing A Lady, I Knew I Wanted To Join The Police Force

Published : 19 July 2017 8:57 AM GMT
My Story: The Day I Saw 2 Women Constables Rescuing A Lady, I Knew I Wanted To Join The Police Force

I always felt that only men are allowed to get into a police force until the day I saw two women constables rescuing a lady & her kids from our neighborhood. I and my cousin were peeping from their window and saw how these two women courageously got this lady out of the torturous life she was living at her in law’s place. We had narrow lanes and the entire lane was packed with people, the same people who used to turn deaf and blind while the lady was suffering from tremendous torture every day. People were shocked to see how police came to help her and some faces are filled with shame.

I was so glad to see those two constables dressed in police uniform. I went up to them with a salute and thanked them. I saw a hope in other women around who were also going through problems, they all found their hero. I decided I want to get into the police force. Ever since that day, I started talking to my family and people around to guide me further so I can get my dream job. Finally, I got selected for the job and I was so overwhelmed. I was a bit nervous on the first day of my job, I was hesitant if I would be able to do justice to my duty. My senior officer gave me some great advice and boosted my confidence. I was taught that duty comes before any and everything. One of my colleague’s brother was getting married but there was an emergency so she had to miss the wedding but there was not even a bit of disappointment on her face.

Once there was a case of a woman who came for help, she was harassed by her husband’s brother. Her daughter was sexually abused by one of their relative. She was shattered and had nowhere to go. This happened while we were about to leave for home, we sat with her and calmed her. We called the NGO who could help in arranging a place for this woman. She kept crying and talking her heart out till 11.30pm. She thanked us for helping her and kept saying that if there is God in real life then it’s your team. Love and faith from people keep us going. Every individual has the power to help people in the smallest way possible so just by taking a small effort there can be a huge change around. Our team works for people and when we are able to help even one person it feels like a great achievement. I thank God for the day I saw those two constables, it changed my life!

Our Sir Mr. Pratap Dighavkar keeps motivating our team, he ensures that our team works dedicatedly towards every case that comes our way. During one of our weekly session he was rewarding our team members and called my name, I had tears of joy. We keep learning so much from him and it’s a new learning every day.

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Story By – Mansi Dhanak | Mission JOSH

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