MyStory: 'Tails Of Compassion' Is About Giving Hope, Unconditional Love To Specially-Abled Animals'

With 'Tails of Compassion' (ToC), Divya Parthasarathy started her endeavour to provide a safe and compassionate home for senior and specially-abled dogs.

Delhi   |   24 Oct 2020 8:37 AM GMT / Updated : 2020-10-24T14:15:23+05:30
Writer : Palak Agrawal | Editor : Prateek Gautam | Creatives : Abhishek M
MyStory: Tails Of Compassion Is About Giving Hope, Unconditional Love To Specially-Abled Animals

My 'special connection' with animals goes way back in time since I was a young girl. While I had always wanted to do something significant for them, this abstract idea ultimately started taking shape in 2017.

I realised that although there were many organizations devoted to animal welfare, there was a dearth of shelter-houses catering to the specific needs of our four-legged friends.

The realisation and some research prompted me to set up a haven that would ensure the present and future of these animals was taken care of. With 'Tails of Compassion' (ToC), I started my endeavour to provide a safe and compassionate home for senior and specially-abled dogs.

Would anyone like to be loved less or be abandoned if they met with an accident, lost their capability to walk or just be a victim of sheer human cruelty?

No. So, why don't we have the same emotions for the animals?

While I was setting up the organisation, I came across many rescuers and medical practitioners who would summarily suggest euthanasia (the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering) for paralysed animals.

But, this did not settle well with me.

Even though the bodies of paralysed dogs are broken, their souls are intact, their spirits undying and their zest for life bubbling like ever before. Thus, putting such babies down seemed like an utterly preposterous suggestion.

You have to meet one to know what I am talking about! They are happy dogs and deserve a fighting chance at life.

This reaffirmed my faith in my mission and the need to have an organisation where such dogs could find refuge, freedom and unconditional love.

Over the course of three years, marching towards its mission, ToC has been home to several such needy animals. It is currently home to several seniors, paralysed, two-legged, three-legged dogs, blind dogs as well as goats and calves.

Each dog at the ToC home comes with a traumatic past and a heavy heart. Many of these were just a few months old when accidents or cruelty left them incapacitated for life.

Most of the paralysed dogs are victims of accidents and reckless driving. And then there are stories that can leave your spirits shaken.

One of them has a harrowing history preceding his time here. Tuppy, when he was barely two months old, was hit by a person out of sheer heartlessness and hatred. This incident caused breakage to his spine, paralysis, abdominal issues and prolapse of his rectum.

These dogs have gone through a lot and my work is all about closing their past and unboxing a beautiful 'present and future'.

It takes a different level of dedication to care for such dogs. You have to watch them round the clock. The more special the dogs are, the more care they need – that means more time, more efforts and more resources.

I know I have chosen a difficult path. Taking care of differently-abled dogs is not an easy job, it is a huge investment — physically, emotionally and financially.

I have devoted myself to this cause. This is my passion and this is my profession. All I know is that there is no going back, the only way is to march forward.

I want to continue to give many such needy dogs a safe and calm environment where they can heal from whatever it is that they have been through. I want these dogs to have the best life possible.

ToC's dream is to expand its facility so that we can accommodate more animals and also improve our services for the ones already living with us. We are looking at building special-dog-friendly infrastructure in the shelter and to take care of their constant medical needs.

We also wish to include a comfortable, home-like environment for senior dogs where they can live in the lap of comfort and tranquillity. Last but not the least, we will be expanding our large animal's section because every animal deserves the same amount of love, respect and freedom.

Saying no to a needy senior or paralysed dog – that's the worst feeling ever.

Presently, ToC is unable to turn its dream into reality. Not being funded by any corporate or the government has been impacting the scope of our mission.

We need funds to dream big and do big. We depend on generous animal lovers to help support our cause. With your help, we can rescue more of these innocent souls and give them the life they deserve.

Not everyone gets an opportunity to save lives. We want people to be a part of our team, share this feeling by supporting our work

For contributions:

Account Name: Tails of Compassion Trust

Bank Name: Bank of Maharashtra, Press Enclave Branch

IFSC Code: MAHB0000593

MIRC Code: 110014009

Account No: 60301104999

You can connect with Divya Parthasarathy on social media platforms: Instagram: @tailsofcompassion Facebook: Tails of Compassion Trust

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