My Story: Then Suddenly One Day He Told Me That He Is Sorry As He Can’t Continue Our Relationship

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June 3rd, 2016 / 10:12 AM

“My story started in the first year of my college when I first saw him. This was a normal meeting between us. He was always busy with his small group of two friends, so I thought, he is an introvert. He never talked to me so I always thought he is a bit arrogant type of person. Everyone said that he is a gem of a person, good in studies and taking care of his medicine shop very nicely.

Time flied and I realised that he is really a nice person and how wrong I was. We started spending time with each other and sharing our views. He topped the semester and was an expert in almost all the things except one and that’s the internet. We moved to long phone calls and our days used to be filled with messages. Those long late-night chats continued and finally, the day came when he proposed me and the magical words he uttered were “I want to spend my whole life with you”. Although, not filmy type, but worth a wait for almost two years. On that day, I was on top of the world.

At that time, we never thought of the future. He got placed in a software company and I went for my higher studies. Due to faith, we were separated for quite a long time. I joined in Delhi and he went to Chennai. It was sort of long-distance relationship. Many of my friends told me to leave that guy and enjoy your life. They told me that I have many options but god knows what was the thing which always attracted me towards him.

Suddenly, one day, he told me that he is sorry as he can’t continue our relationship because his parents have chosen a girl for him. On that day, I was completely shattered and went entirely blank for some time. I switched off all my phones and cried for almost three-four hours. I thought that my life has finished, the guy has cheated me, if he doesn’t have the courage to stand with me now, then how will he ever stand by my side in future? But after thinking all these, I thought to give it a try and called him up again. I told him that we have to try hard and convince everyone; if there is a problem then there will be some solution to it. Then he finally realized that he should at least take a chance and give a try to convince his family.

He went to his home almost after 11 months and met three girls. His family had liked a girl and told him that we have decided his match. He always told his mom that he liked a girl in college but his mother never took it seriously and on that day at the station he told his father all about that. His father knew me before and was very confused about all that. He asked his son whether he was confident in his decision, to which he replied that he was confident and our chemistry is great.

His grandfather was the highest authority in his family and his opinion was most important. Then after trying almost for six months, he was able to convince his grandfather. His grandfather agreed to his decision and was ready for the match. After sometime his grandfather got admitted to hospital for his joint operation. He asked me to go there and meet his grandparents. I went to the hospital where he was admitted for three days continuously and did whatever I could have done. On the second day, his grandfather did a “godbharai ceremony” (baby shower) at the hospital. Finally, on the third day, his grandfather had his operation, which was successfully completed. We all were very happy to see his grandfather’s condition. He was very happy and said I will do certain things for our marriage and few for his grandson’s marriage. Suddenly on the fourth day, I was having some urgent work so I didn’t go to the hospital. I called his elder brother to check for his grandfather’s condition and he told me that “baba is no more”. I was in complete shock. I didn’t know what to do, how to call my boyfriend and what to tell him. He was in Chennai at that time. I didn’t have the courage to tell him the news as he was very close to his family especially his grandparents.

When I revisit those memories and think of those 3 days, I realize that had not his grandfather not accepted me then, my life would have been different which I cannot think of. Maybe that was the best thing that happened to me. His grandfather accepted me completely without any boundaries of the caste and that was the turning point of my life. I want to dedicate this story to my husband’s grandparents. Am thankful to both of them that they accepted me with their hearts open. Today I am a happy housewife and blessed with a lovely kid.
This is still the beginning…”

Submitted By – Pooja Kaushik

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