My Story: I Feel Bad When She Cries But I Have Seen Her Crying In The Night Because Of Me

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October 4th, 2017 / 5:46 PM

Mom says I used to love playing in the park as a when I was 4-year-old and I used to not go for haircut as I loved long hair. I started collecting hair clips whenever I got pocket money and every Diwali I used to wear leave my hair open.

I got diagnosed with cancer and soon after my chemo I started losing my hair. I used to cry looking at myself in the mirror but then doctor uncle told me that I will get my hair back. Maa used to make nice caps for me and then I made many friends who too had cancer.

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After the treatment I was excited to go back home. We had no money left after my treatment but my mother used to save some money and make me a sweet dish once a month. Few years passed by amd cancer hit mr back. This time my family was very stressed as we had no money for the treatment. My mother borrowed some money and we could come to Mumbai for my treatment. I love playing musical instruments and back in my hometown there were not many places where I could learn such activities. Coming to Mumbai has given me a chance to learn guitar and meet some new friends. When my mother cries, I wonder what makes her sad because I know for a fact that I will become all right soon. This is the second time cancer has tried making me weak but like last time I will win again. I love painting and I keep drawing the things I want to see. It’s the only place where I have complete control over my dreams and life. I have had made drawings where I make cancer as a football so I can kick it but ya it keeps coming back in real life. This doesn’t mean I have given up, I will win my battle.

My dream is to become a collector when I grow up and you know in my hometown when girls become a collector it’s like a celebration. Girls are generally made to be in the house but when I grow up I will support more girls. I also keep praying to my genie to take away cancer from all the kids, I know he is listening but is taking time to act on it.

I love watching TV and whenever I have seen any show they all say that we can beat anything with the power within so I feel good about that. My mother was not well few days back and she didn’t have money to go to the doctor, that’s when I felt bad. What if everyone had enough money for food, health and education? Wouldn’t it be a perfect place to live..! I love my mother and she keeps saying that I will join my school very soon, I have been waiting for that day. I miss my family and friends and I wish I was in my hometown but unfortunately cancer has taken me away from all of them. I know that it cannot tale my life as Maa says I am very strong. I keep praying that this should be the last time and I want to grow my hair again. If I get my treatment done then I can go back to my family. I believe in magic-me and my new friend keep praying every morning for each other. There are so many kids like me who needs help.

My mother has promised me that she will stop crying and become strong. I feel bad when she cries but I have seen her crying in the night.

My favorite part of the day is when me and Maa feed each other, food tastes so good when she feeds me with her hands. All the kids from hospital will celebrate Diwali together and we will dance to the music by indulging into some good sweets too. I am looking forward to meet all the friends.

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