My Story: I Was So Disturbed By The Incident That I Didn’t Leave My Room For Days

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March 23rd, 2016 / 10:13 PM

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This incident happened to me last October. I was coming back to my room from college at around 11 pm, after a long day of working on my project. I took a sharing auto which was going up to Katraj. As there was no chance of any public transport up to my room, I decided to walk. I hardly walked a few steps, a car approached me.

At first, I thought the man (who was perhaps in his 40s) was asking for directions, instead, he offered me a lift. I refused politely as I was not comfortable. Somewhere, back in my mind, I was thinking it as a trap. I thought what if he loot me or just kidnap me. But, he insisted by saying “bohot raat ho gayi hai aur aage safe nahi hai, main udhar hi jaa rha hun toh aa jao drop kar deta hun” (It’s too late and it is not safe further. I am going the same way so I will drop you.) and opened the door.

I rode the car reluctantly. He started talking to me and told me that he is from Jaipur, he has a college going friend, how they enjoy with each other and asked me a few questions too. I was just replying in single words as I was continuously concerned about the back seat. I thought what if someone from backseat pop out and put a gun or knife on me. After some time, he placed his hand on my thigh (I was wearing my knee high shorts). The gesture made me more uncomfortable but just to make myself comfortable I thought it as an elderly gesture, mostly used as a praise. But he proved me wrong and tried to put his hand in my shorts from bottom soon. I stopped him. By now his intentions were quite clear to me and I asked him to stop the car. But he refused and suddenly he gave me evil looks.

I reached for my bag, took out my pen and threatened to take his eye out. He stopped instantly. I opened the door, ran non-stop till I reached my room and collapsed. I was so shocked by the incident that I didn’t leave my room for days. The incident haunted me for days. I realized his relation with his college-going “friend”. The thought that I was almost raped that day, still gives me chills. I request everyone, whoever is reading my story, to be aware. I could never go to a police station as one my close friends told me that there is no such law that criminalizes such act against men.”

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