My Story: Being A Single Father Was Never A Sacrifice Because I Had To Do What My Wife Had Always Done

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May 15th, 2017 / 11:01 AM

My Story

“We fell in love at the age of 15, and ours was a perfect love story. We were like a typical romantic Bollywood couple. From singing around the trees to writing letters, whistling outsides the girls hostel to going for late night movies to enjoying the first rain- we have done it all together. We got married at the age of 25 and believe me she was a charmer. She was beautiful inside out and just her presence in my life made my life delightful.

Wherever she went, she would fill that place with joy, laughter and happiness. Having her in my life and loving her was no less than a heaven for me. She taught me how to love selflessly, and help others without any expectations. We were bestowed with two beautiful kids and our little yet peaceful heaven was perfect. She taught us everything, from loving to sacrificing, about how to love and how to live but what she didn’t teach us was how to live without her? In June 2007, our beautiful nest got withered and she left us. Her demise was the most difficult phase for us.

My elder son was in college and my younger daughter was in her 12th grade. It was the age where kids are rather more inclined towards their mothers because the father is always the strict and disciplined one refusing them things they want. We were connected but our bond was broken at so many levels. It was like a mismatched puzzle which had to be connected with the proper joints. Days passed where we were just existing, and didn’t face each other much with the fear that we might break each other. My younger daughter was in boards and I had to make sure that she doesn’t gets distracted and puts herself together and studies hard. So, one fine day I woke up and realised that it’s time I step in their mother’s shoes and start playing a role of their mother too.

I gathered all the strength of the world and decided to live my life for them, to love them so much that they never realize that they are being raised by a single father. I started doing things which I would have never done if their mother was alive. From making her morning milk before she goes to college to making sure that they had their lunch to staying up till late with my elder son when he studies. From taking them out to pampering to making them fall asleep, I would do everything. My life started revolving around them and while doing all these I never realised that I was becoming her- but with all the strength and courage they needed from a father. Although the love of my life had left me and I had lost my purpose in life but my kids became my strength and they gave me a reason to live.

My life had a sole motto now – to live for them and to love them so much that they never feel the void of anything in their lives. People often say me that you have done so many sacrifices for your kids, to which I always say that sacrifices done for your loved ones aren’t called sacrifices, it’s called Love and I haven’t done any sacrifices. My daughter always wanted to become a singer. At a tender age of 5, she knew what she wanted to be when her teacher asked her in the class. My wife had left no stone unturned to make sure she learnt, she did all she wanted and it was her dream to see her daughter as a big singer and I made sure that I fulfil her dream.

My daughter is stubborn and determined just like her mother when it comes to fulfilling dreams and today she is one of the best singer from the city and I am happy that she has found man of her dreams and she is happily married today. My elder son is married and is blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I am proud of what my children are today and they are my life. Being a single father was never a sacrifice or a tough job because I had to do what she had always done all her life – just be addicted in loving her family.

Any Message?

Anything can be accomplished with the power of love. Any sorrow, any pain and any wound can heal if you just know how to love. Just love the people you want to see happy, after all the happiness you see on their face is what you need to keep going.”

Rajesh Shah

Story By – Pray Bavishi | Humans Of Amdavad

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