My Story: Whenever My Mother Cried I Used To Act As A Doctor & Tell Her “Your Son Will Be Ok Soon, Don’t Worry”

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October 9th, 2017 / 3:29 PM

“My father left my mom and she used to cry day and night. We moved in with my Mom’s family. I used to wonder why did my Father leave us. I used to feel bad when other kids used to ask me about him and made fun of me as I was the only boy whose Father had run away.  Soon after I was down with fever for a very long time. None of the doctors could make me all right. People from neighbouring places used to console my mother and then they sent us to a bigger hospital for proper medical help. After all my reports they found out that I had cancer. (You can help Shubham here.)

I had never seen my mother cry so much even when my father left us. She would keep me in her arms day and night. Whole night she used to stay up crying and I used to feel bad to see her like this. After few days many people came to meet me and told my mother to take me to a better city and they suggested we should go to Mumbai. They helped us with tickets and some money too.

I had promised my neighbours that I will be back soon and will tell them stories about Bombay. I was excited to meet the big doctors as it’s my dream to become a doctor. The doctors used to answer my questions and they told me not to worry, I will be able to be a doctor too when I grow up. Whenever my mother cried I used to act as a Doctor and tell her “your son will be ok soon, don’t worry”. She used to smile and her tears would automatically stop after this statement. Once I told doctor uncle in the hospital to assure my mother that I will be ok soon, and when he did tell my mom she was so happy.

Last month while coming to the hospital I told my mother that I will start studying hard as soon as we go back to our hometown so that I can treat the kids in our hometown. There is no big hospital where children can be taken for cancer treatment. I saw tears of joy in my mother’s eyes and she pat my back. I wonder how long it will take for this but I am looking forward to that day. One of my friend has come to Mumbai from a village that takes two days to reach here. He got cancer for the second time and he is always sad. Cancer scares him  and his family a lot. I saw him happy only once when we had gone to the dance event by Shiamak uncle. All the kids loved the performances. We were dancing from our seats, it was my most special day.

It takes a lot of time for treatment, my treatment is going on but we don’t have money so my mother sobs every night. I will treat all the kids for free when I become a doctor. I have made many new friends and they all are very good. We all have dreams which will turn to reality and we will fight cancer together. I know I will soon get help and will bid a goodbye to cancer.”

You can help Shubham here.


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