Be Aware, Group Of People In Bangalore Comes To Your House And Asks To Donate In The Name Of Religious Festivals

Kumar Vishal

May 5th, 2015 / 2:50 PM

Today around 1:30 PM my door was knocked when I opened it there were 3 people standing outside and asked me for minimum 250 or more donation as they told tomorrow we have Shoba Yatra at Mararathalli Gurudwara near Kalamandir, Bangalore.

I gave them 250 rupees and then they also knocked the door of my neighbor Neeraj and he also gave them the money.

Then suddenly one of those three started telling about my forehead (you have 3 lines blah-blah) and other person touched his feet and told me that he is blessed with this thing. Then they asked me for piece of paper and I made him sit in my room and he started telling so many things about me and my family like he was an astrologer.

I was totally influenced by his tricks. The other person made Neeraj sit in his room and telling the same things to him. The one out of three keeps on switching between the rooms and touching their feet and telling me and Neeraj that they are our gurus.

That conversation lasted for around 20 minutes with both of us individually, then he gave me a piece of paper in which it was written
Poor- Rs 3100
Medium-Rs 5100
Rich- Rs 7100

When I told him I don’t have money as it’s a month end. Then they asked me for my iPhone when I said I won’t give you this, and then they told me “Give us anything so that we can do ‘Ardas’ in your name in Gurudwara”.

They were noticing my room and all the things but I was so much influenced by them I did not even doubt them at that time. They asked Neeraj for his Gold Chain and Gold Ring also when Neeraj also told no for the same , they told don’t lie you have money in your account it’s for good cause only. Then the saddest thing is Neeraj got so much influenced by them he went till ATM withdraw the money and gave them 3K.

After taking that money they told Neeraj don’t look back and all; when Neeraj looked back they all left in Etios Cab towards Hebbal.
While going down they used some code word and told me Neeraj is giving us 10 Kg wheat packet and they also told me not to tell about this to anyone for next 13 days.

What makes us doubt on them is after taking all money from us they started laughing and ran towards cab.

Please be aware that there are group of people in Bangalore who will come to your house and will ask you for the donation in name of Gurupuravas and loot you with their tricks.?

Submitted ~ Navneet Kaur Batth
Sikh community is one of the hardest working communities in India and around the globe. You can’t see any Sikh beggar anywhere in the world. These people are exploiting our trust and faith, and bringing bad name to Sikh community as well. They might not be Sikh itself.

We have been hearing similar stories about people with other faith as well, first they will try to know your faith and then exploit accordingly. Fake ‘Babas’, ‘Gurus’, ‘Tantrik’, ‘Godmans’ are widespread across all religions and faiths. We request you not to get into their trap.

If there has been any incident with you, please do let us know, it will help others to know their tricks as well and they can be cautious of this filthy act of looting people on the name of God.

We have blurred the faces because we don’t want to prove them guilty before trial. However you can figure out with get up and recognize if any such group comes to you.


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