My Story: “While Filling The Potholes, It Seems I am Saving Other Fathers From Losing Their Prakash”

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July 31st, 2016

It has been one year and I still cannot forget 28th July 2015, the day when my world changed completely. I lost everything I had. Prakash had so many dreams and he was taking his initial steps towards his goals.

I still wake up in the middle of the night and miss Prakash, his voice, his smile, everything about him wakes my inner father up. I know he would have never wanted this to happen to anyone else. He was intelligent, caring and full of life. My work used to start at 4am and I always used to look forward to 2 pm, as that was when I could catch a glimpse of him before he rushed to his class. One dark day has turned all our lives upside down. I want to make sure the people responsible for this shall be punished. At the same time I want to work for this issue to ensure no one goes through the same pain. I want to see good roads, without any potholes and I am working towards it. Prakash was 16 year old and a deadly pothole took him away from me.

I fill the potholes now and my fight will continue. The feeling I get while filling the potholes gives me more power to continue the fight, it seems I am saving other fathers from losing their Prakash. The pain a father goes through can never be understood by anyone. I have received a lot of support from many people so far and I know that some day the weight of the POWER of “Common people” will be so loud that no one would be able to crash it underneath their shoes.

I saw Madaari movie and it seemed as if I was watching my life on the big screen. I was completely shattered by the bitter truth of the system. The relationship of father and son took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride. I missed Prakash and his childhood. The wall filled with pictures of Irrfan’s son reminded me of our house filled with Prakash’s pictures. I keep cherishing the precious memories that we have captured in an album gifted to Prakash by his friends on his birthday. I wish he were with me watching the movie, I wouldn’t have missed him as he would have been there holding my hand. I have lost my world. Madaari is a film that has given me more power and I know for a fact that it is very important for us- “common people” to prove that we can actually win our battles. A father does not get much time with the child but he surely has a lot more love in his heart for his children and when someone takes his world away from him, the wounds are beyond words.

Bollywood does not release many such awakening movies, but this time it gifted me a movie for life. Prakash looked the same when he was the child actor’s age. Irrfan proved how he is not like any other actor and this time he actually was a father and not an actor. I want to meet him as a father not an actor, and thank him for giving out such a film. His emotions actually showed the pain a father experiences on losing his child. I still cannot get over the fact of losing my child. My son has kept me going so far and I know he wants me to not let the same happen with anyone else. The tragic heart-ripping moment of my life can never be forgotten. The strength I have today is just because of Prakash, his face never lets me stop.


Submitted by: Dadarao Bilhore

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