My Story: The Drunk Man Was Trying To Touch Her Inappropriately. I Even Heard Him Saying, “Thoda Hame Bhi Padha Do”

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September 1st, 2016 / 6:14 PM

“I was on my way to attend a classical music concert at Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi. I reached at the venue quite early, the concert would start after half an hour and so I decided to eat something as I was too tired and hungry form the journey. I thought of having some snacks near by the stalls. After having some snacks, I was returning back to the venue. On my way I saw something very strange and peculiar on the footpath, I saw a lady teaching her kids on the footpath, sitting on plastic sheets, beside the shadow of a tree and her husband was selling Pani Puri just next to them.

I was soo amazed and happy to see them. The kids were more than happy and were enjoying their open school. They were not worried about people and what they think, they were too engrossed with their teacher: their mother. I am a student photographer, I decided to capture this beautifully heart-breaking moment in my camera. I went closer to them and asked the lady,

“Why are you sitting on the footpath? Don’t you have a house or a place where you can teach your kids?”

She replied, “I live in a small makeshift house, covered with some plastics and thin broken bricks and currently we don’t have electricity in our house. My kids have to complete their homework, so I decided to make them study here in the open, natural light is better than the ones we use at home. Besides, I don’t know when would the electricity come.”

I was moved by her reply and gave my best wishes to her kids. I left the footpath, I started observing them from a distance while leaving the place. I would have taken a few step when I saw a drunk man coming towards that woman, he sat next to her which made her uncomfortable. Her kids started packing their bags, the drunk man was trying to touch her inappropriately, I even heard him saying, “Thoda hame bhi padha do.”

The husband of that lady went to bring some water, the drunk man was trying to take advantage of the situation. I immediately got there and pushed the drunk man away. I decided not to make an issue of the situation as the lady seemed to be worried about her image and people. I called the Cops and ensured that the lady is safe. I told the cops about the incident and they were very helpful, they berated the drunk man and warned him to not to be present anywhere in the locality henceforth.

I thanked the police officers and also the young lady for giving too much importance to her kid’s education. I told her to be brave and not fear such people and situations, she smiled back and I too left with a smile, that would keep me happy for a long time.

Salute to such mothers!”

Submitted By:- Ishit Bawaniya

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