My Story: My Aim Is To Make Football Popular But Encouragement I Get Is Confined To Social Media

Image Credits: Shah Huzaib

My Story: 'My Aim Is To Make Football Popular But Encouragement I Get Is Confined To Social Media'

Shah Huzaib, a 22-year-old footballer from central Kashmir's Budgam district, is the first Kashmiri to be featured on the official Facebook page of Chelsea Football Club. He wants his talent to get proper exposure and assistance from the government to polish his skills to an advanced level.

Trickshots are shots that seem impossible and require significant skill. I became addicted to football during the 2016 unrest in Kashmir when there were restrictions outside. I had no other work than to play football in playgrounds. Initially, my inclination was towards cricket, but over time, I found something unique in football. I practised the sport for two consecutive years rigorously.

It was in 2018 when I first saw a trick shot post on a US- based YouTube sports entertainment group. Their trick shots inspired me and I thought if I'm already good at football, why shouldn't I try the same shots. Another reason was that no one was really showing their interest in football in the place I live in. After learning and later trying these tricks, I decided to post them on social media, and to my surprise, the response was incredible, with everyone encouraging my talent. Over time, some media outlets also highlighted my work, which helped me to reach a greater audience.

Currently, I can do more than 250 trick shots with perfection. One shot takes about 2-3 hours of practice, depending on the difficulty level. My video titled 'Insane trick shot ' in which I kicked a tennis ball through two moving tape-rolls on 'People are Awesome' generated around five million views. My trick shot also found a place on 'Oh My Goal' that got rave reviews from all over the world. I also get a lot of encouragement from people when I post videos on my Facebook and Instagram handles. My videos also got the atttention of Chelsea Football Club, who approached me and asked me to upload something on New Year. I posted one video which they featured on their official page.

My future plan is to take my skills to the advanced level to benefit other people. For that, I need a platform where I can exchange these techniques.

I aim to make this sport popular but the encouragement I get is confined to social media. Unfortunately, there is no platform where I can exhibit my skills. I only hope that the government or private players too notice my talent and come forward for sponsorship. Only then it will encourage youngsters like me.

If my talent gets the proper kind of exposure and my tricks help inspire people to try and master them, I'll be all too willing to mentor them.

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