From Sanitary Pad To Menstrual Cup – The Story Of My Switch

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May 28th, 2018 / 5:26 PM

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I’ve been using sanitary napkins ever since I got my first period at the age of 15. It’s the only form of menstrual management that I’ve learnt from my mother and that was introduced to me in school. In fact, hadn’t it been for Hollywood films I wouldn’t have known what a tampon is and if it weren’t for social media I wouldn’t have discovered what a miraculous thing a menstrual cup is.

Being afflicted with PCOD, my periods have always been longer and heavier meaning I would run through more than 30 pads during one whole period – this is excluding all the maxi overnight pads that I used for the fear of waking up to the carnage of stained sheets. Despite the ‘ultra’ protection offered by the overnight pads, I would still cover the mattress with a layer of an old sheet (sometimes an old leather table cloth even) , and each night would be spent in mild to severe awareness of the fact that I was bleeding and possibly leaking. I had long accepted this to be a part of life and made my peace with it, I mean what’s a woman to do right? You bleed it’s a problem, but if you don’t bleed for a month and it’s a bigger problem. 

A couple of months ago, I came across an Instagram story about a menstrual cup and for the first time in my life I was actually influenced by a social media influencer. Simply reading about it made all the sense in the world to me. A quick online purchase later, I was the proud owner of a menstrual cup – but then came the difficult part of actually making the transition from a pad to the cup. For someone who has never used a tampon even, this was a big change. But thanks to the internet and multitude of women who are out there ready to help a sister out even this challenge was conquered quite easily. I’ve used the menstrual cup for all of one cycle so far, but I can safely say that my life has changed and changed for the good. 

Leaving the environmental benefits aside, I will advocate for menstrual cups solely based on how beneficial it is to a woman. First off, bid good-bye to stains. No more overnight ultra-pads, no more extra layers of sheets, no more period panties, no more pant checks every 30 minutes because there will simply be no more leaks. You will only have to see your blood at the interval of 12 hours. Another thing that gets thrown out of the equation permanently is bad odour that is formed due to the bacteria being exposed to air when you use a pad. No longer will you have to deal with chaffed thighs and no longer will you have to walk around with a feeling of overstuffed panties all day while on your period. Menstrual cups will not only make your periods more hygienic but they will make your life so much more comfortable. Not to mention the added bonus of making a decent annual saving of sanitary pad expenses. Let’s be honest, we have lot of other expensive basic necessities to take care of that the savings could totally help with. 

Story By – Hileri Bilakhia

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Written by : Sudhanva Shetty Shetty (Freelancer)

Edited by : Bharat Nayak

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