My Story: I Was Penniless & Searching For A Job, So For Straight Six Months I Slept On Footpath

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May 26th, 2016 / 12:02 AM

On World Family Day, I got to meet this beautiful couple who have struggled a lot but at the same time have kept the whole family united.

“I was born in Ranasan, a small village in North Gujarat. I did my schooling from Modasa. In those days I’d scored 84% in 10th grade. After completing my schooling I came back to village and told my father that I wanted to go to Ahmedabad for further studies but he refused and told me to help him with farming. But I had some dreams and desires which farming couldn’t fulfill. So I told my father that I am going to Bombay and hopefully I’ll find a job their. Soon I got married and I left for Bombay. I stayed at our relatives house, they were good to me for first few days but later they politely told me to find a place of my own. But I was penniless and was searching for a job so couldn’t afford to rent a place, so for straight six months I slept on Footpath.

I with one of my friend used to sleep outside Masjid-Bandar road. Finally I got a job which paid me 60 rupees per month. Few months later I got another job offer for which I’d to work night shifts for which they were going to pay me 100 rupees per month. I accepted that job too and now I used to work 18 hours a day. Meanwhile, I also rented a house where I could live. Soon I called my wife to Bombay and we started living together. But as luck would have it, working 18 hours a day for almost four years made me sick and I got diagnosed with severe Jaundice. We left everything and came back to our village and soon I started doing farming and transporting materials. But I was never really satisfied with farming.

As I didn’t wanted to live the life my father had lived. I wanted to uplift my family, educate my younger brothers and sisters and make a good living for all of us. So finally after a year I started a business in Baroda and since then I’ve tried my hands at some five to six business. I have never really settled for one business. I’ve always tried to take advantage of the opportunity and turn that opportunity into profits. But not all have turned it into success, some have even failed and made me broke. But I guess this is what business is all about. The two business that created some good fortune for me were of Urea fertilizer and Maruti Car Dealership.

These two business fulfilled all my dreams and desires. I could give proper education to my siblings and even got them married into good families. Me and my wife have traveled almost whole world together. We have even built a dharamshala in Shreenathji. And every year I donate some good amount in Shreenathji Temple. Today at the age of 85, I daily walk for 5 kilometers and even drive a car. Recently we both even went to Dubai. Today I can say that I am living a life I had always dreamed of. But it’s all because of honesty, sere dedication, believing in God and yourself and keeping the family together.

What’s your secret to success?

The secret to success is standing right beside me. She is the one who has been with me through thick and thin. While I’ve worked outside, she has fed the family of 10 all by herself. Raised all our kids with utmost love and care. I want her to be my wife in every life.”

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