My Story: I Too Left But A Strong Thought Came To My Mind And That U-Turn Was The Best Decision In My Life

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September 22nd, 2016 / 7:13 PM

“6 months back, like today, I was going to my office through a long field (so called govt construction site) when I saw a dog with her 5 new born. Its not a new thing in India to see dogs searching for food, eating plastics, being beaten by so called humans like us or even thrown away by owner after the fun gets over and dying out of hunger. She was no exception. Her costly clean collar may still have the scent of her owner but the countable bones told me a different story.

I went closer to see the puppies but immediately moved back thinking that she might get aggressive because of her new found possessiveness as a mother. Fortunately, nothing of that sort happened. She was very welcoming.

I started playing without thinking the delay in reaching office. After all being a work is a part of life, but not life. Happy hours ended soon and I reached office.

For the first time, I had a different motivation to start for office early and reach back early so that I could play with them. Soon, the mother started trusting me so much that she would leave to search for food once I come to meet her babies. I started feeding them but never took things very seriously after all it’s a common sight in India. Animals get worse life in our country.
It went on for few days until one day I saw huge gathering in that area. Before I could think more, I saw the mother lying in a pool of blood, she had crushed by a speeding vehicle.

Internet showed its magic once again. I called NGOs to first take the body. There was no happiness anymore. The mother left them forever and so the people who were standing there.

I too left but before I could drive a km, a strong thought came to my mind. That U-turn was the best in my life. I picked up all five of them without thinking how would I manage them single-handedly.

Immediately floated their images on websites, NGOs pages and within an hour, a relative adopted one baby. Two more got adopted to lovely families soon and I could give away the other two. They became the most pampered member of the family.

Though many are obsessed with foreign breeds, but if you really love someone – nothing matters for a human. I am taking about the most loyal soul, how could breed matter.

I saw them growing and they saw me aging. Life will never be same without them.

Animals are no less than humans. In fact, if you can’t love a living being, at least don’t hurt. and if you really want to help, then don’t think about others. Just go ahead.”

Submitted By – Dr. Anurupa

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