My Story: I Dreamt About My Prince But The Idea Of “Arranged Marriage” Didn’t Impress Me Much

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January 27th, 2017 / 1:25 PM

“Miracles do happen every day some people don’t think so, but they do. One such day of my life was the 28th of January 2016. My dad’s phone call the night before had changed everything (Yeah, me and mom were standing next to him and listening to the conversation, but the problem was I wasn’t consenting). The next morning was as normal as any other day and I had taken off from work as a guy (now my husband) was coming home to meet me.

Like any other girl even I was excited about marriage but wanted time to know each other before we actually tie the knots. I had heard many of my friend’s say that: “How could we dedicate our entire life to someone we hardly know.” I was scared of marriage and in-laws, but at the same time I knew my parents are the best makers of my life and wouldn’t get me married without my consent. I got ready to meet him and my dad went to pick him from his hotel room (he flew all the way from Abu Dhabi to meet me) and came home along. I was dressed up in royal blue Anarkali and was sitting in my room meddling with my phone. The bell rang my mom checked herself in the mirror and opened the door. He stepped into the living room, bowed down to touch her feet and laid back on the sofa looking comfortable. I was still sitting in my room (yes, eavesdropping them) and waiting for my parents to call me. All of a sudden my mom came running into the room and told me the guy is very respectful as well as very much handsome. Not knowing what to reply I just smiled at her. I always dreamt about finding my prince charming but this idea of “arranged marriage” didn’t impress me much.

Then it came time for both of us to spend some time together. I geared up for the awkwardness and stepped out. There he sat, dressed in maroon sweatshirt and blue jeans. The color suited on him so well. I am sure any girl would have fallen in love with him at first site. But, I am a kind of person who doesn’t get along easily with strangers and so he did all the talking. He briefed me about himself and his family. It all seemed very new to me and didn’t know how to revert back, I left it to my parents to decide. I was physically present there but mentally was lost in my own world of fantasies. I was imaging the wind blowing my hair, my ears filled with the clinging noise of bells, butterflies in my stomach and the cupid of love saying me “he is the one you were waiting for”, But Alas!! Nothing of that sort happened that day.

Because to decide the rest of my life with somebody whom I met for about 20 mins seemed unfair to me. As maithil’s our guests are equivalent to God in our culture hence “Sachar” was served and my mom asked me to cook pooris. And it all turned that I have to cook for him my entire life now (Yes, we got married). My parents liked him in all aspects (behavior, nature, respectfulness, moral values and ethics) but they wanted a second opinion from my brother. Hence we asked him time to confirm the same and bid him adieu.

The next day the entire family sat together in the living room and discussed about it as to how to proceed further. They say sometimes rapid and quick decisions are “RIGHT”. And that is exactly what happened to me in the beginning of this relationship with my husband. To my surprise the engagement was fixed within a week after confirmation and we got engaged to each other on 5th February, 2016. We had a small family get together with our near and dear ones.

After engagement, time ran at its own pace and soon came the big day when we tied the knot and took the vow to spend the entire life together. What followed this was a beautiful marriage and a great companionship. But after wedding we couldn’t stay together as my career stood barrier, I decided to resume my work from Chennai only as due to unavoidable situations I wasn’t able to find a job. I am really thankful he supported this decision of mine and stood by my side. Even though he went back to Abu Dhabi and I started staying with my parents in Chennai again, we fell for each other as the time passed (Despite the distances in miles). There were highs and lows initially but overall it has become an awesome journey of life filled with love, care and affection. We keep the spark of life lit by talking to each other over the phone and Skype. always finding time for each other.

He does everything that would bring a smile on my face and even I could sacrifice anything just to see a smile on his face. He never leaves any chance to fly down to India just to meet me. It has been 8 months since we got married and almost every month he has travelled miles especially to meet me. Now we share an inseparable bond and understand each other’s silences too. He has become my first thought in the morning, my last thought at night and every other thought in between. Every single day I spend being his wife I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life. God knew what exactly I needed when He sent him in my life. He has taught me the real meaning of relationships and always considered family as priority (his family as well as mine). Being with him makes me feel like a princess whose prince charming has come out from the story books just to give a fairy tale.

My perception towards arranged marriages changed and he was the reason. I can now proudly say that I am the wife of an “Ideal” husband. I have got the best in laws any girl could dream of. A very caring mother-in-law and an awesome family. It’s been a year since we first met each other and I am lucky to find such a loving and caring family. Now the relationship we share could not be summarized by any words… If ever we have to name the relationship between me and my husband it would be called “FOREVER”.

I am thankful to Lal Babu Rai uncle (my dad’s friend), Rama Devi (Lal uncle’s neighbor), Nishita ji (my husband’s niece) and Amit ji (Nishita’s husband) who initiated this. I know he and I haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye daily. But hubby if you are reading this I want to say you “If my life was a ship you would be the anchor that holds me in place and sails which takes me on a beautiful journey”, My life’s biggest achievement is that I got to be the wife of the world’s most adorable man.”

Submitted By – Neha Sourav Jha

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