My Story: After Losing Our Mother, We Were Thrown Out Of The House Even Though I Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Published : 2 Aug 2017 5:21 AM GMT
My Story: After Losing Our Mother, We Were Thrown Out Of The House Even Though I Was Diagnosed With Cancer

“We loved our mom! She never lacked being a single mother. She used to make sure to see a smile on our face and worked really hard to meet ends. I used to look up to my mom. Being a professional hair stylist she used to give us new looks. Me and my sister used to ask Mom for new hair styles and she had taught us some unique styles too. We used to be curious to know about her daily experience with her celebrity clients and she is used to tell us about how everyone loved her work on Saif Ali Khan, there was lot of appreciation for her work from her clients and we both used to be so proud of her.

My Mom always wanted us to study and live our dreams. However, my sister could only study till 5th grade. I completed my graduation from Rizvi college though. Mom passed away to sudden heart attack and we were completely shattered with the loss. Soon after our grandmother also passed away. Our major losses made our aunt so aggressive and heartless that she wanted to remove us from the house. The house where we live belongs to our granny who is no more and now my mom’s sister wants us to be homeless. Our world turned upside down and coping up became next to impossible. I worked as a freelance hair stylist & casting director but God had some other plans. I was diagnosed with cancer and this completely changed me as a person. My sister is my world and knowing the fact that she is so dependent on me, makes me so helpless. Her treatment is going for mental health and she keeps getting fits since childhood. She can’t talk properly but I would say she is the most pure soul you would ever meet. She is my special child. My main dream is to see a smile on her face, it keeps me alive. Heena loves cooking and she keeps watching videos of new recipes on youtube. She also surprises me with special dishes.

Heena might be mentally disabled but she has truly been my one and only support system all throughout. I try and stay strong but once while we were out of money for food and were almost going to lose our house at the same time I was in pain and advised to get my bone marrow transplant done- this broke me so bad and I burst into tears. Heena hugged me and kept wiping my tears. She said “you are my star, you are not alone in this. We will fight, please stay strong”. Until this day I never thought she understood what was going around but when I saw the faith she had in me made me get up again.

After my diagnosis, I have been unable to travel much for work so I took up writing assignments. I am into translating work but I get paid very less. Everyday is a new battle we fight as there is no money for food, bills, medicines. My teachers and college professors have been really helpful, our neighbour also helps us often. Whenever I have a sleepless night due to financial stress, the next morning there is a little help from somewhere and that is the only reason of my survival. My sister understands our financial situation so she doesn’t complain about eating roti or khichdi everyday. She says I love anything that you feed me and that is when I feel so blessed to see her smile even when she knows she wants to indulge into vegetables or tasty food.

Once Heena was tempted to have an icecream but I was just out of cash. It was right after she got her fit and that’s when she becomes little impatient and demanding. I borrowed some money and got her the icecream. I was shocked to see she offered me the first bite of it, she is so much innocent. This makes me worry that if at all I die to cancer then who will take care of her? I pray every day to find a place for her so if I am no more than she is in a safe place. She recently found out about my cancer and since then she keeps praying for me.

The fact that my father left my mom after Heena’s birth makes me hate him so much. The way my mom single handedly raise us inspired me so much. Whenever I break down I remember my mom and her live for us. All this gives me the strength to keep fighting. I am going through 100 things at once but I know everything shall fall into place. I hope I get a part time job that I can do from home, I am waiting for the day I am able to feed good food to my sister and fulfil her small wishes like icecream or pizza. I really hope our prayers get answered and I get my bone marrow transplant done so I can live with Heena forever but if not then at least a place where she can live with right people around who would treat her like family and take good care of her. I have heard there are good centres for special children..waiting for my prayers to get answered. I make 70 rupees to translate one page from Hindi to English which doesn’t suffice our basic needs.

On her birthday we got a cupcake and I asked her to make a wish and write it, so she wrote she wants to ingredients to cook and make her recipes, my bone marrow transplant, and a pet dog. Heena’s biggest dream is to have a puppy in the house, I wish I can fulfil all her dreams..her smile keeps me alive.”

To help Ahana & Heena please inbox us. They are based in Dadar(Bombay). Any small help can change their life. If anyone can give Ahana translation assignments with decent pay or any part time job that she can do from home-that’ll change her life.

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Story By – Mansi Dhanak | Mission JOSH

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