My Story: He Didn’t Want To Continue Our Relationship Because Of My Disease And Was Suddenly Scared Of It

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February 16th, 2018 / 6:05 PM

I was a young kid when I was told never to go out with out wearing socks. I was never allowed to remove them in front of strangers and relatives. I did not understand the reason. I was made to wear pajamas which would cover my feet. I had white spots on my foots. I remember my father taking my to distant places to get it cured. My mother keeping endless fasting for it. I could not understand the whole hype around the few white spots on my foot. Now, I do. The white spots were due to a condition called Vitiligo.I was diagnosed with Acro vitiligo affecting the foot and the finger tips of my body.

Honestly until and unless I fell in love with someone I could never understand how these few white spots would affect my life. Vitiligo affects 0.01% of the population and I am one among them . Though stable, the spots are there. Its does not affect the body only the colour gets white on the particular area.

I have met some amazing people mostly amazing, who never bothered to look at my white spots. Some did ask questions like “Isn’t it embarrassing”, “No” pat used to come my reply. Some used to say “ohh you are lucky its just on finger tips and toes”.Huuuh. It’s the just the colour on the specific area. How does it matter? I used to think. And it can happen to anyone at any stage of the life. One cannot predict it. But I was proved wrong. Our society is still the same, where a women with beauty along with a clandestine past is accepted but not with this. I found myself lucky to have met the guy who over looked my white colored finger tips and toes. All got shattered when the day I met his mother. I was asked to remover my slippers and show her my spots. I was told how it would spread on my whole body. How she wants the best for her son. Amidst all these the guy I loved was all silent. Post that all of a sudden he didn’t wanted to live with me. I never forced anyone to love me, due to few white spots the person I loved the most was all of a sudden scared of the relationship.

He treated me with the utmost care. Made me believe that vitiligo does not define me. But it did definitely defined the fate of our relationship.

I don’t know about my future. May I will find a way out for me. I am a working professional, not dependent on anyone. This incident has made me only believe stronger in myself. It’s me who will have control over life. And to the mother who asked me remove my slippers and show my spots may god bestowed her with the sensitivity to deal with humans.

With friends and family I am a much stronger person today. Honestly I do not hold any grudge. I look to a brighter future with the charge in my hand. I know I am going to find my way. May now it will be hard for me trust people but life goes on.To all the people especially girls having the condition, please do not let this decide your fate not let anyone sympathize with you. Be the change, work on yourself and set an example. Find peace in yourself rather than in people around because people do changes. Not all promises are meant to be kept.

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