My Story: 27 Years Ago, A Silly College Fight Escalated. And I Lost Both My Sons On The Same Night

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December 19th, 2016 / 10:29 AM

“Somewhere around 27 years ago, a silly College fight happened and gradually that fight turned ugly and my two sons were murdered in that fight. Can you imagine, I lost my two sons on the same night. After that incident I was shaken to the roots and realized that what will I do of all these earned money, for whom did I earn so much? and that was the moment when I realized to do something for the society. Initially I joined a non-profit organization where I used to give voluntary service and brought lot of donations for the Organization through my sources but I was not satisfied with the work they were doing and one fine day I left that NGO and decided to do something of my own.

So initially I decided to provide fruits and two packets of Parle-G to 100 patients daily at Civil Hospital. And the response was so positive, daily people would wait for me to come with fruits and biscuits and that encouraged me to do more for the patients and their families. So I started providing money for their medicines, MRI, X-Ray and all other medical reports and scans. Later I even started facilities of giving ambulance facilities to the patients and at time some patients and their families come from different state and after undergoing treatment a patient dies then I pay and arrange for transportation facilities to send them back to their place. I even provide free Jaipur foot to those patients who have lost their legs in accident. There have been times when I have brought family members of patients who are very poor to my home and given them space to live and given them food to eat because they can’t afford to eat in hospitals.

There was this one time when I saw a couple standing outside civil hospital in distress. I went up to them and inquired about their problem to which the man said that his wife is suffering from a stone pain in stomach and we have done all the reports but all the doctors are fooling us by telling us to do new reports and no one is ready to see her. This made me angry and I took them to the head of the hospital and immediately made them meet the concerned doctor and next day I paid the operation fees and made his wife undergo the stone surgery. A week later they met me again in the hospital and that man touched my feet and said that you are no less than a God. So incidents like these makes you realize that how your selfless work is impacting many lives.

Today I am above 60 and have diabetes, kidney failure, blood pressure and have pain in legs but still everyday I wake up and daily go to hospital to distribute these items. What started two decades ago of just giving fruits to 100 people has now turned into providing all kinds of facilities to more than 1 lac people.

Any Message?
Someone has to take the lead in doing good deeds. Once you start doing a good deed everyone will follow your footsteps or help you in carrying out that good deeds. But first you have to take that big leap of doing something good for the society. ”

Story By – Pray Bavishi | Humans Of Amdavad

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