My Story: I Was Bullied For Being Dyslexic In School, Today I Am A Celebrity Manager

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My Story: 'I Was Bullied For Being Dyslexic In School, Today I Am A Celebrity Manager'

Harsh Doshi, 24, was a dyslexic child in school and suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He has been a victim of bullying but views the world with a gleam of positivity in his eyes.

Since childhood, I have had my share of battles with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and ADHD (attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder). It was a bit too much for a child. Well, I was pretty too much back then! Many people called me "dumb and an introvert" and described me as someone who would never be able to conquer his weaknesses. Publicly, I was tagged as a failure even before I had a chance at life.

I have always been the star for my parents. They assumed that I was a slow learner because I could not speak appropriately until four. My first day of school was not good as I could not understand a word, and my mother found all my notebooks blank. She would make me repeat a word hundreds of times to pronounce it the right way. Children of my age could read and tie shoelaces effortlessly, and here I was, struggling at every step. Everyone would call me a tube light and make fun of me. I dreaded mathematics. In fact, my parents were called to the school when I was in 3rd grade and told that I would not pass the year.

Understood That World Would Never Change For Me

When my parents took me to a doctor, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. My school teachers told my parents to send me to a 'special school', which broke my mother. I was so ashamed of myself. When Taare Zameen Par was released, my relatives associated me with the protagonist, but that movie changed my life. I understood that the world would never change for me, but I can always change for the better. I devised my methods to learn. Initially, my parents thought that I would fail my Class 12 boards. When I passed, they were so proud.

My Suffering Pushed Me Towards My Goal

Other people would treat me like an outcast. I was thrown into the gutter by my friends, hit by a divider. Everything was to make me believe that I was insignificant. I had my demons and battles, but my fights were also with society. Not to be held back, when I started believing in myself, my hard work, skills, and the first success that I got, everything made me believe that only my actions could bring out the best of me. All the childhood trauma and the bad experiences had become my strength, not my weakness, or a symbol of my pain and suffering. Today, I believe that's what pushed me harder in the direction of my goals.

I pursued media studies in college, and the first time I was on the stage for 15 minutes, I nailed it! Thus, my confidence strengthened, and I got a direction for my life. I passed with distinction. A year later, I gave my first TED talk. Today I describe myself as the 24-year-old who sees the world with a gleam of positivity. Also, I may have dyslexia, but it does not define me.

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