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My Story: I Always Had The Fear Every Dark-Skinned Woman Has At The Thought Of Losing Her Husband

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May 11th, 2017


“The day when I was born, nobody touched food. Because I was the fourth daughter of my parents. My black skin color made the situation more miserable for them. My three elder sisters were fair, tall and slim. I was clearly a burden for my poor parents that everyone told me throughout my childhood. Sometimes I heard my mother to tell my father that bringing me in their life was a curse.

So I prayed to God. Every day I pray to God to make me little bit fair, taller and slimmer. My father managed to settle my marriage by giving false promises to the groom. The kind hearted guy married the ugly girl of our village. Overnight he became the kindest guy of his generation. I was told never to return to home ever again. So my only option was to listen to my kind hearted husband’s every order.

All the time I was fearful. A kind of fear every black girl feels in a thought to lose her husband. Every day he had beaten me miserably because my father made false promises to him. My mouth was always close as I knew all crime was mine. One day he poured hot water into my feet, I remained silent. I could not sleep uncountable nights in a fear of losing everything that was never mine.

One day when I sit to eat, without any sign he kicked me from the back. When I fell in the ground, I was awake; I took the stick nearest to me and started beating him, without giving him any chance to attack. I was beating every single person of my life who humiliated me. Everyone who ripped my soul. No one came to stop me and I saw fear in their faces. I took my son and left that house.

I never cried for a single time after that. Never prayed to God to make me beautiful, never begged anyone to love me. I work as a labourer. Whenever I see black little girl working in the site, I always smiled to them and tell them how beautiful they are. They asked me with surprise how come a black girl can be beautiful. I told them, ‘Only beautiful is the person who has a beautiful heart.’”


The day when I was born, nobody touched food. Because I was the fourth daughter of my parents. My black skin color made…

Posted by GMB Akash on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Story By – GMB Akash

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