My Story: They Were Running Back & I Shouted Out. My Dad Became Aware Of What I Was Up To & Helped Me

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January 2nd, 2017 / 10:34 AM

It was a typical Sunday and I was to get up late. But this day was not the same. My Sister-in-law woke me up early as a mehendi artist had come as early as 8 AM to apply me mehendi for an occasion. The next one hour went seeing her applying it to me. This had to be well dried and that’s when I stepped into the balcony and just stood by the railing under the sun. As I was drying my hands in

As I was drying my hands in sun a group of 4 kids was passing by. These 4 kids were of different age group, the eldest being about 5 years. They did not have proper clothes but they were still too happy about it being a Sunday and went lanes to lanes searching for thrown Teddy bears in the streets. I saw them passing by and realised how carefree they were. They were happy and were laughing in each others company. They made me realize the biggest fact of life i.e life can be happy even without materialistic things. I felt positive and loved watching them stroll.

A few seconds after they went out of sight and it struck to me that I could have added on to their happiness in some way and regretted for having them let just go. I went in my living room to see what I could have given them if I had taken some efforts to do so when they were passing by. I saw one full pack of chocolates and I knew this could be the best thing to give. But unfortunately they were gone and I regretted and blamed myself for not having acted in time. I do this often, miss the moment of action and then regret later. I was sad. I stood in the balcony disappointed.

But just then, a dog barked loudly and I saw the same 4 happy kids running back. Seeing them again, I knew this was my moment of action and it was my second Chance which was not to be missed at any cost. They were running back and I shouted out “oyee”. They did not hear and continued running. I called out again… “Ayeeeeeeeeeeee”, this time with double efforts. The eldest girl heard me and stopped. I actioned her to wait. She was blank and her expression read “whaaat?” I called out and said “wait wait” with a smile again. And she knew I had something to give. Her gang was still running and she excitedly announced to her gang “Ayeee nilla, aka yadho kurtha pooraanga” (“hey wait, didi is going to give something). And with this all 3 came back too.

I quickly went in, collected all the chocolates in a pack with my mehendi hands. My dad who became aware of what I was up to, helped me put chocolates in the pack as much as possible. I ran back to my balcony with the chocolate filled cover and showed them it to the kids down. They asked What is was, I replied chocolates. There was instant smile on their faces. And all 4 waited for it to be dropped from my balcony. I dropped it softly and they immediately took it up. Their smile doubled seeing the no. Of chocolates as they were just 4 of them but there were 50 chocolates. They weren’t educated but I was surprised when the eldest girl shouted back “thank you akka”. She showed it to all 3 others and all 3 waived at me in happiness. They were leaving and I felt extremely happy to make them smile. The eldest girl kept on looking back at me even after leaving. She waved at me continuously and once again called out loudly “thank you akkkka” from 50 meters away. These kids were too happy and excited which just made my day.

Their smiles and happy faces left me with a promise “I will always come forward to help the deserving” God has unconditionally given me so much. If I can’t give little to others then life is not worth it. With just very very meagre % of my salary I could bring smile to these 4 kids. If I donate more, there could be many more smiles too around. I thereby promise to spread joy and enjoy the joy of giving myself. The joy of giving is truly unmatchable. Please try doing something good to others unconditionally and you would relate to what I am saying. And remember, act in time, not every opportunity would come back.

Submitted by: Komal Todi

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