My Friends, This Is My Story Which Changed My Vision Towards Life

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October 17th, 2016 / 6:05 PM

“Dear all, today I am going to share a story, which changed my vision towards life.

A fine Sunday of May, 2014. Time was around 10 AM. I was travelling from Chandigarh to Gurgaon. Waiting for my bus to come at sector 17 bus stand, Chandigarh. As it was heavy rush, I was sitting on the stairs.
Suddenly, I sikh man of late fifties sat with me on stairs and greeted me with Sat Shri Akal. He was wearing a small turban with untucked shirt and very simple outfits. He started conversation by saying ‘ Beta these AC buses are leaving every 10 minutes and full packed and nobody boarding the non ac buses. It seems like no value of money. ‘ I too agreed his point.

Then he asked what you do beta?

I replied uncle ji I am working in Apollo tyres.

He said oh, the group founded by Raunaq Kanwar. I used to read his blogs in India Today. A brave man to support early Indian Economy. Then I asked, what you do uncle?

Then I asked, what you do uncle ji?He said I am in the air force.

He said I am in the air force. Immediately I replied, Are you warrant officer in air force? (Due to his very ordinary outfits,I guessed so) ( Warrant officer is equal to ASI of Police, a small rank ).

Immediately I replied, Are you warrant officer in air force? (Due to his very ordinary outfits,I guessed so) ( Warrant officer is equal to ASI of Police, a small rank ).He replied, no beta. I am

He replied, no beta. I am in ground duty, not warrant officer.
Then the bus arrived and we boarded the bus. His seat was in the front and mine was at last. By luck by chance, again we sat together when the bus stopped for lunch in Karnal. Then during talks, he told me that he is engineering graduate from Thapar College Patiala in 1976 and commissioned in Airforce in 1977. As i knew that we wl not be able to meet again. So I shared my business card and he too shared his name and no. and we again boarded the bus on different seats.

When the bus moved from Karnal, I correlated few points that a person who commissioned in Air Force as an Engineer around 40 years back must be a top shot. Immediately I googled about him.

My friends, When I googled, I was shocked and surprised to know that great man, who was sitting on the stairs of bus stand with me and whom i asked to be warrant officer, is the present Air Marshal of Indian Air force.

He was sitting calmly on his seat so I controlled myself not to disclose his identity in public. But when Kashmiri Gate bus stand of Delhi came, I rushed downwards to greet him last time. As I was sitting in the last, it took me bit more time to come down. He was already went into the official cars of IAF with security. I knocked the door of the car and now I was seeing the man with completely changed personality with standing mustache and ray ban. I put forward my hand and said ‘ Pleasure to meet you Sir. In 2007, honoured by President of India by Vashisht Sewa Medal, salute to the Air Marshal of Indian Air Force. ‘ He smiled and waved his hand and replied will meet beta. God bless. But I knew somewhere in my heart that we cannot meet again.

Next day, I was in my office, got a call from some landline and said ‘ Sat Shri Akal Beta, pehchaniya menu, mei Jaggi Bolda. When I denied to recognize then he replied, yaar Jagjeet Singh from Air Force. Asi Kal hi te mile si. ‘ Again it was a surprise to me. Then he said as you don’t know much about Delhi, you need to board Huda City Centre metro upto Race Course metro station. From there, my house is at walking distance. Plan this weekend, will have dinner together.

It was first time I was going to the most posh area of Delhi where PM resides along with all centre cabinet minsters. I was reading all the nameplates and his house was just by the residence of the then Chairman of UPSC DP Aggarwal near Lodhi Estate. At right 7 PM I reached and his guards took me inside the big command house. He was sitting in the garden and then we talked for several hours and he guided me in my career field too that keep on changing and upgrading to survive in tough corporates. After that ,again he invited me to Air Headquarters of Maintenance Command at Nagpur.

My friends, This was my story which changed my view point to see the life. Whatever you become always be rooted and humble. Salute to such magnanimous soul. I was talking about Air Marshal Jagjeet Singh PVSM, VSM, ADC to President of India, Air Officer Commanding In Chief Maintenance Command Indian Air Force.”

Submitted By – Prabhpreet Singh

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