My Story: Music Is My Solace When Things Get Difficult

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My Story: 'Music Is My Solace When Things Get Difficult'

Ananya Halarnkar is a singer with autism and is also learning to play the piano and can play guitar & harmonium. She has won several prizes in music and is a part of a six-pack band, set up by Yash Raj Films.

Growing up in Mumbai, a city known for its entertainment industry, has its perks and one of the biggest was finding my passion for music. With my parent's support, I started training in classical singing from Ajivasan music school.

I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when I was a child but that never came in the way of my goals and dreams. I found my solace in music when I found things around me getting difficult.

I even completed my Visharad in Sangeet with flying colours and currently I am planning to appear for Gandharva examinations.

I have always actively participated in various events and have represented my school and college in solo music events and won many prizes. I scored the highest rank in Music in 10th std in Maneckji Cooper school and have also represented my talent on various other platforms.

While I have won several prizes in music competitions, the real validation comes in every time I participate. For me these competitions are a healthy way to thrive and a chance to improve my singing. The only winning goal I set is against myself, that I have to be better than what I was.

My dedication and hard work has paid off in many ways. I am part of a six-pack band, set up by Yash Raj Films.

I'm also learning to play the piano. I do play guitar and harmonium. I have my own YouTube channel where I upload the covers of songs.

My biggest source of motivation is the talent that I see around me. Every time I come across a person with talent of any form, I try to know their story and get inspiration from them. Learning from other people's journey is the best teacher according to me.

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