My Story: "I Decided To Brighten A Zomato Chat Support Worker's Day By Sending Him An Unexpected Note"

Published : 14 July 2019 9:35 AM GMT
My Story: "I Decided To Brighten A Zomato Chat Support Worker

“We all go through or have to do things that stress us, tasks that do not feel very friendly to our mental well-being. For many of us, one such task can be the daily work that we do to make money. The workplace we go to, the desks that we feel chained to, the difficult and unrelenting colleagues, demanding bosses and irate customers are only a few such elements that do not only conspire together to compound our woes, but also make the paycheck we receive seem paltry in comparison to what it takes to earn one at the end of the month.

Such were the thoughts running on my mind on the afternoon of June 30, when I was at home, lying on my bed, sulking at the thought of having to start yet another work-week from the next day. However, the reverie of my thoughts was soon interrupted by a sudden craving for some good food, at which point I decided to treat myself and as always, the Zomato app on my device caught my attention for the next few minutes.

Here, if I may add a piece of information so as to give the readers a certain context and a better understanding of what is to come further, my current job profile is pretty relaxed as compared to the profiles I have worked in before, including customer support/services. My stint in various job profiles and work settings helped broaden the horizons of my understanding of human behavior.

I thought about those working behind the scenes of such food delivery services that day. Not just the delivery men (whom I tip every now and then) but also those who handle the chat support and customer issues. In other words, those who bear the wrath of the hungry customers because of issues like food spillage, missed items and others. Imagine having to be tough-skinned every day and polite at the same time so that you can endure angry customers for something you are clearly not responsible.

I have always believed that we humans are creatures of emotions first, and logic later, and that a single, random act of completely unexpected kindness can help someone feel better. Whatever one might be going through, a simple, unexpected gesture may go a long way in cheering one up, even distracting the person from his worries momentarily.

Realising this, I felt like extending a kind gesture to one such Zomato chat support worker.

Mayank Zomato Chat
Screen-grab from Facebook post.

The reaction of the man was way more satisfying to me than the chicken biryani
Screen-grab from Facebook post.

A random act of kindness may go a long way in helping someone feel better and break into a smile. Always remember, people may easily forget your name, but what will leave a lasting impression on their minds is how you made them feel.”

Story by: Mayank Muley

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