Life Story: I Am A Dwarf But My Dreams Are Not

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March 1st, 2016

Reading articles on The Logical Indian for a while now on Facebook, made me realize that I associate with so many of them every day. Most of the times they are very inspiring and relative to me.

Today I am here to narrate my story!
Introducing myself: I am Disha Pandya – An Artist, a Designer, a Photographer, a Realist & a Dwarf!

Hailing from a simple family in BOMBAY I have lived life on my own terms. God gave me a physical hindrance but compensated for it by giving me the vision to grasp the world around me in a way, that most people perhaps choose to ignore. Even the most abstract forms of art for me always have some deep purpose and meaning.

I belong to a nuclear family we all are a DWARF, and so was my brother who we lost in a road accident 7 years back.
It’s not that easy, but it’s neither difficult. Jonathan Davis once said, “You laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same.” – And that’s the mantra I have lived upon…

But as I grew up my parents gave me the strength to fight against such battle, they made me understand that if they are easily fitting to them then the shoes are tailor made.
It’s OK!
It’s OK if people laugh at you, it’s OK if you can’t climb the wall.
It’s OK if you don’t fit in the dress, it’s OK if THEY don’t add you in the dance group.

As I finished my graduation I was looking for a job, I had been to several interviews and got rejected only because of my physical hindrance.
My father as a teenager was rejected more than I can ever think of, he made up his mind one day “if they can’t hire me I will hire them”, and that’s what he did, he worked hard towards his goal from being a lottery seller to real-estate businessman he made his journey from being null and absolute Negligible roadside vendor to a middle-class family man.

After several rejections for work, I am now working with one of the best brands in India.

I am a hardcore Mumbaikar at heart. This city is open to everyone, they accept you the way you are, and people are evolved to the degree where they don’t want you to be perfect, they want to be as wacky as you can as be, as innovative as you can be. Because not every city is as beautiful and acceptable to your problems as BOMBAY could ever be!!

I have admirers around me, I keep inspiring them with my stories and things I have been through in life. They are least bothered how I look like.This gives me so much of motivation to be extraordinary and to be different!!

My parents want me to marry someone and relocate if I don’t get the right match here, I have put my foot down because I trust this city, if I could manage to get everything here I am sure I will get my right match here in BOMBAY.

I would prefer to be single but I won’t leave BOMBAY!

BOMBAY has its own rhythm, which takes a little while to hear. Its harmonies of excess and restraint, and before you know it, BOMBAY might just decide to take you in like you’re one of her own.

As I said before It’s not that easy, but it’s neither difficult!
And hence keep creating stories where people get to talk about what you did rather than talk about the way you are.

Submitted By – Disha Pandya

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