Life Story: I Love To See The Smile On Her Face. But Tears Roll Down When She Cries In Pain, Her Treatment Is My Priority

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July 11th, 2017 / 1:24 PM

“I got married 8 years back. It was an arrange marriage and like most lower middle class girls, I was also dependent on my husband and his family. He was not earning much despite of knowing the fact that his parents were having a hard time in making ends meet. They both are blind but extremely hard working. We have been extremely weak financially, so we have always been struggling to meet our basic needs. My in laws managed to get a telephone booth through disability benefits. They both worked there & got cheated a few times by some frauds as they are blind. We survived with the little income that we got through the telephone booth but time changed. They had to start a new business and started selling stationery products for additional income and we cut down on many expenses to be able to manage. They made sure to educate their children so they can be on their own. Meanwhile life had some bigger stones to throw at them.

Their son (my husband) decided to not earn money for the family. We were blessed with a daughter and she became the heart of the family. My husband keeps going out for work but he would either not work or he would not share the money at home. My in laws are blind but were determined towards the support of our family so we started selling folders, pen, and small stationery items on station. They come home with less money but more love.

They feel great to be back home to their grand daughter who is the most cutest child on the planet. We got the biggest shock of our lives to know that Vajjoo got diagnosed with Blood cancer and her treatment needs a big amount. She was first down with fever for over a month in april 2016. We took her to hospital and few days later after the test reports we found out that she was diagnosed with Lymphobatic Leukaemia. We made appeals to social work departments and got some help. We are working hard to save money for her future and her nutrition and we know that soon we will do that. Her dream is to go to school and we have no money to enrol her to school. She keeps telling me to go and look for a job so I can earn and be able to pay her fees. I cant leave her alone at home so I have become helpless. I am just 10th pass and under qualified for job. It is our dream to see our daughter fit and fine. Plus her dream is to study and become a pilot. As a mother it is my dream to see her grow and become a successful person. As of now it is just a dream to send her to school. We don’t even have our own house, I feel so helpless to not being able to give my daughter proper nutrition.

I still remember the day when she first said mummy and hugged me. It was the most happiest day of my life. I love to see the smile on her face. Tears roll down from my eyes when she cries in pain, her treatment is my priority.

My daughter loves chocolates so we try to gift her these small joys of life. She keeps asking us the meaning of her disease and we become speechless. Her regular check ups are done at hospital and she gets sad to see other kids suffering so much in pain due to their diseases. It is disheartening to see your close ones suffer she says in her innocent voice, we can’t hold her tears. She says your tears make me feel bad, so please don’t cry, we will fight this together.

God knows what is there for us tomorrow, but we have this very moment to live in the present. All we do is have a small happy meal together to share the joy of happiness. I want to secure her education upto 10th standard and see her become a pilot. This is my dream to fulfil her aspiration. I would be glad if she can see her dream turn into reality. I wish my in laws could work somewhere nearby instead of travelling to parle all the way from Domabivali for work. They work really hard and it would be great if they could set up a small street shop near by. Since they both are visually impaired, I have to go alone for my daughters checkups and also do household work.”

Story By – Mansi Dhanak | Mission JOSH

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