My Story: Already Being A Established Doctor, I Still Went For My Dreams!

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March 27th, 2016

“I’m the woman next door, smiling bright at fate, trying to create the magical curves on everyone else’s face too. Yes, you guessed it right, a dental surgeon by profession, working with Ministry of Health. I love my profession of peeping into my patients Oral Cavities, to relieve the second worst pain (after labors) in the world, i.e., the ‘Toothache’.

Happily married to the most wonderful man with an even more compassionate family, I, within an year of marriage, found my new ambitious role as a mother to my little munchkin. Life was all rosy, when 12 days after my child’s delivery, I suffered my first ever ‘Panic Attack’. For most of you having no idea of a Panic Attack, it is a medical condition caused by disturbed hormones, wherein, the patient loses control over his senses, behaves extraneous, shouts erratically, cries & howls accompanied by sudden fall in blood pressure and loss of consciousness. When I regained consciousness and underwent an array of diagnostic tests, an upset paraphernalia of hormones was detected due to a ’15 cm’ big fibroid in my uterus. I was aware of the some mass of fibers trying to create a complication in my pregnancy. But 15cm!!!

This lead to eventually more panic attacks of longer durations and increased frequency. I was about to delve into severe depression with a young soul looking up to me every now and then and I looking down at him helplessly sullen. Until one night, when my little angel woke me up from my disturbed sleep, simply to guide me, how a small being like him, trying to figure out the world outside, barely able to adjust his vision. Still, trying his best to smile back at me, as if, he was teaching me the ‘Lesson of my life’, that, “Mumma, don’t give up! Your life is beautiful, reach out to it!”


It ignited a spark inside me, to live vividly, to explore whole heartily, to discover the new ‘ME’, to let the strong, happy, successful woman take charge of this new life that has been presented to me as a challenge and as an opportunity to grow.

I followed strict schedules, diets, Naturopathy, soothed myself with meditation and Yogas, read a lot, searched to the moon and back, did a lot of positive loud self talking, took open help from Life guides. In short, did everything in the Universe to bring the situations back in my control.

During this journey, I promised myself to rejuvenate my laid back dreams and to reach out to many others who are facing a similar crisis. I entered into Pageantry and with my positive outlook and sheer determination, I won my first title, MRS. INDIA WORLDWIDE, 2014. I began to feel the magic come into play, when I was invited by team KBC, Season 8 and performed my first ever ramp walk with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.



Thereafter, my passion drove me to win several other prestigious titles such as CRAFTSVILLA MISS ETHNIC, 2015 and MRS. HERITAGE WORLD, 2015.
My keen interest in the field of fashion and styling paved my way to become a Pageant Guru, Personality Enhancement and Grooming coach. Many of my students rediscovered themselves and won accolades at various national and international pageants.

My father used to say, “happiness shared creates miracles”. I found my miracle. I am proud to be the first married woman ever to win a FEMINA title, FEMINA OFFICIALLY GORGEOUS, 2016.
I also run a trust called ‘Saanidhya’, spreading medical awareness and even serve as a Psychological Counselor to women who have lost themselves in the journey, called ‘Life’ (acid attack and rape victims). I even pose as a Crusader to various women empowerment campaigns running across the nation and have been honored with Women Achievers Awards for my contributions.


You have the fire inside ‘YOU’. Discover ‘ME’ by breaking the boundaries and limitations which are created by none other than but ‘YOU’.”

Submitted By – Dr. Shivangi Maletia

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