Humans Attack Monkey With Acid. Humans Win, Monkey Dies Succumbing To Injuries

Bharat Nayak

February 21st, 2016 / 4:38 PM

Source: Pawan Sharma

This incident should force us to think what kind of society we are building where not even animals are spared of the anger we have inside us. This monkey was attacked by few residents of Bhandup, Mumbai who thought it is completely okay to throw acid on a monkey. The attackers thought the monkey was intruding into their space while the truth is that in the name of development and in greed, the smart Humans have taken over every space including forests. Where is the place where animals can live without the interference of humans? Nowhere. It seems we have decided to wipe off every animal from the planet and if for that purpose even acid is required, then we human(don’t know why the word humanity is derived from human) are not ashamed to use it.



Humans at their worst !!

The real ‪#‎HumanWildlifeConflict‬

Meet the victim of ‪#‎AcidAttack‬

You know why was this monkey attacked?

Because forest department was not responding to the complaints by few residents of Bhandup who were demanding visits and suggestions from the department which was not entertained, later they requested / demanded relocation of a group of monkeys because the problem was increasing which was again not entertained

And one from them decided to solve the monkey problem himself by throwing acid on this animal

Please note

My team was trying to rescue this distressed animal since 3 days , everyday I reported back to the authorities that we need expert and equipped team to do this , but had no leads and finally managed to do it today , as we all know that city forest authorities outside national park have no staff/ infrastructure/ equipment and provisions to take care of such situations ( No Blame, Absolute Facts)

So not this way but that way people for whom these animals were problem managed to get rid of it

Monkey problem is nothing but the problem because of man/ us / we as a society which we refuse to understand and accept

We don’t manage our edible waste

We encroach forests / their habitats

We feed wild animals, we entertain them, we try to attract them, we make them get dependent on us, we invite them and then we want to get rid of them.

Our government and concerned authorities do not respond to people with wildlife issues

Awarness about wildlife is least

No rescue teams, rescue centers, nothing

Conservation or welfare will never happen unless we stand united as a society including common man, government and nongovernment representatives and everybody

These problems take time to evolve, so it is obvious that it is going to take atleast double the time to solve, but our ‪#‎MeanKind‬ wants over night changes

Its simple logic the food we have also taken time to digest, things need their own time and it must be given

Some people like me are aiming to take urban wildlife conservation to the next level working on ground

We are in minus, not even zero

And some people have decided to enter the next level of hunting and cruelty thinking that this city only belongs to the people

We like to worship stones on Saturday’s and we forget to respect and coexist with the living avatars of god!

My work is getting tougher everyday, Ill try my best.

What about you?


Immediately after rescuing the animal we approached Thane SPCA where Dr. Deepa Katyal Deepa Katyal treated the mammal and further admitted it to their hospital facility where the animal will be under observation, treatment and care with their team of vets and staff 24 hours, will always be thankful to them for always helping

Thanks, Jeet , Harshit, Pareen for being there from start to end m lucky to have you guys as a part of our team.”

Pawan Sharma

Later the monkey succumbed to injuries. He died a painful death. The animal had suffered deep burn injuries on face and chest in the attack. But after such a horrific attack, it was difficult to save him but salute to the activists and doctors for doing whatever they could have done. Also, it would have been really painful for the monkey to live with the injuries and go through multiple surgeries and dressings.



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