My Story: I Am Waiting For A Day When People Stop Laughing At My English And Accept Me With My Hindi

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May 8th, 2017


” I sell books on streets to make our basic needs. We all work on the street. The books I sell are mostly for young children. I keep insisting people to buy the books so I can earn money, for those rich people the small amount does not matter much but it is not easy to convince them.

I have joined Signal shaala which is for street children and we attend the school regularly. We learn so many things in school. My dream is to be able to earn decent amount for my family and good education for my siblings. I also try to read some words from the books that I sell. I wish I could read it all, I want to learn English. I love how rich people talk in English and when they ask me something in English and I don’t understand, they look at me with annoyance. So I learned some basic words, a few days back someone asked me for discount and I said sorry Rs 5 discount only. They both started laughing but I did not feel insulted as I was happy that I could respond and it gave me good confidence. Going to school has been like a dream. Studying and working becomes difficult but is worth it. The best part is learning with all my friends. My teachers keep teaching new words in English as well.

Going to school has been like a dream. Studying and working becomes difficult but is worth it. The best part is learning with all my friends. My teachers keep teaching new words in English as well.

My mother sells flowers and toys. She keeps telling my father that they wanted to send us to school instead of letting us work on the street. But our financial condition has always kept it very difficult for them to let me and my siblings go to school. Signal shaala has been a god gift to all of us and we are extremely grateful for this blessing.

I am waiting for a day when people stop laughing at my English and accept me with my Hindi. I have been talking in Hindi since the time I learned to talk.

One of my friend and her brother are working as cleaners in a mall and they told me that to get any job we need to learn English else it is not possible to get a reputed job as Hindi is not considered as an eligible language in any profession.I have decided to learn all the languages.

I have decided to learn all the languages. ”

We are under constant pressure to stay updated and follow the trend by giving a true sense to “English is India & India is English”.

If you have any such similar stories or you know anyone facing problems in their child’s school admissions due to the qualification of parents. High time we end this biased system. Please send us the story to [email protected] & Hindi Medium.

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