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DD News anchor, Aayenah, shares her version of the IFFI story

The Logical Indian

December 2nd, 2014

Aayenah Pahuja, the one who has been tagged and laughed at sadistically as “IFFI Dumb DD News Anchor”, the one who was assigned to cover the inauguration of IFFI in Goa last week is here to share her story with all of us, after being derided on social media for her on-air bloopers.

The Bloopers video went viral over night as all the leading news and entertainment websites took extreme pleasure in mocking her down.“People have selectively uploaded bits of videos. Thousands of people have called her things like ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’, or ruthlessly ridiculed her on the social media.

“My daughter is deeply traumatized!”, her mother said.

Psychiatrists said the girl might be undergoing an “acute stress reaction”. The anchor’s family approached Mumbai police’s cyber crime branch to lodge a case and the video has been blocked now. While the news websites and leading entertainment websites took extreme pleasure in mocking her down, Aayesha came to us to share her version of the story.

We are no way issuing any justification to the act. When it comes to professionalism, no one take chances, and if you take chances, sadly the internet is not going to spare you. DD News should have sent more experienced anchor to cover the national event at first place. However we feel there’s a need to rise up. We need to get little more constructive, we need to focus and be wary of ourselves more, while we pass criticism. There are a lot of real issues to focus on apart having fun in making fun of someone, knowing that the person is hurt. Let’s not kick someone while they are already down, crying. There are more ways to have quality fun! It’s a sincere request, please rise up!

Why can’t we just settle for the fact that she was nervous and confused. Why we are so much keen to peep into other’s life rather than ours? Whats the pleasure and eternal satisfaction we get by mocking anyone down? Before we make fun of anyone, we must remember,

“Every master was once a beginner.”

Let’s #RiseUP

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