My Story: If You Fall For Your Best Friend, Just Make Sure That The Love Never Destroys Your Friendship

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February 16th, 2018 / 6:15 PM

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“I heard this question many times. Read about this a lot on net. But was able to find the answer only when I experienced it. Yes, it is same old story. Two best friends falling in love with each other. It’s not interesting like other stories but yes, for me it was a very learning experience.

So, I met this guy in my college. We became friends, then best friends and all was going very well. I was a born Delhiite and he was a Tamilian Brahmin. Two completely different people but it was all awesome. We both were so comfortable with each other. He had a crush on a girl in our college and I use to tell him ways to woo her. Sleepless night, endless conversation, laughing whole night was just the best thing I would have asked for. We both became each other’s 3 am friend. It was all going perfect but I don’t know when I started getting jealous of the girl he liked, also started hating the conversation about his ex. I started ignoring others. My only attention was him. That was the time I realized I was in love. I really felt that connection with him. I had never felt this for anybody. He was the best. And being a Leo, I just went to him and conveyed to him about I feel. I didn’t think for a moment. But I made a promise to him and also to myself that no matter what happens to our relationship or anything in our life, I am always going to remain his best friend, his Naptu.

So after a lot of flirting and efforts, he finally said yes to me. I mean that was the best day of my life. The way he used to treat me, made me feel so special. Though that relationship lasted just for 3 months. But in those 3 months, I got the memories which I can cherish for my whole life. Those 3 months were just perfect. Many of my wishes come true. Whole night sitting on the terrace under the stars and moon and talking to him was just perfect. I wanted to stay in that moment forever.

The thing which never worked out between us was that he always saw me as his best friend, somebody who can listen to everything he wants to say. Whereas I wanted to take our friendship and our love together forever. He used to text me when he missed his ex. He used to tell me how jealous he gets when he sees the girl he likes with any other guy. As a friend I was supposed to hear all this as that is what friends are for. But as a lover, it was not acceptable to me. But I never complaint. I never told him to stop sharing all this. The reason for not telling was fear. The fear that I had of losing him. The fear that I had that it will ruin everything and I will lose my best friend also which I can’t afford. I have always given priority to my friendship. For me nothing is above friendship. So one day I asked him, that do you feel the same way I feel for you. That was the last day of my dreamy relationship. He confessed that he never felt that way for me. He said that I was so sweet to him and he never wanted to hurt me that’s why he said yes for this. So basically, it was nothing but a relationship that was forced on him by me. And then we were back to best friends and I must say that he did his best to comfort me to come out of this mess.

It has been one year now, and we both are still very good friends. Though we don’t share the same rapport but still we both know that we are there for each other and we are still each other’s 3 am friend. This one year has been very tough and hard for me because it’s very difficult to hide your feelings. There were many awkward moments between us. We have fought a lot to make things normal. But I guess the only problem is that I still love him. He, in fact, tried not to talk to me till the time I get over those feelings, but we both can’t stop talking to each other. The friendship bond between us is so strong I guess that it never let us go apart.

This bond has given me a lot of sweet and bitter memories and it has also made me learn a lot of important life lessons. I learnt to celebrate my love in my heart. I learnt to derive joy by just loving him, by feeling consumed by a love which transcended everything. Yet despite the pain, I would never wish for things to be different because I learnt about love. The most important lesson I learnt that friendship is the most precious thing and to get a friend like you, one has to be damn lucky. And I am happy that I am so lucky. The feelings, the memories are always going to stay with me. I will love you till my last breath bus yes I would never let you know that. I don’t want any mess in our lives now so we are always going remain best friends. I really tried hard to get over you but then again, there’s no getting over and it’s not even about getting over someone, it’s all about accepting the love you hold for someone.
I don’t want you back in my life as lover, I want you only as my best friend. Because that’s what we are meant for. But just remember that somewhere someone loves you truly.

Now coming to the answer, for me friendship is much more precious than any other relationship. If you fall for your best friend just make sure that the love never destroys your friendship. And if it does than just remain friends, don’t ruin the friendship.”

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